Friday, October 21, 2011

Eight and All That That Implies

It was a very busy day.  It was the Primary Program.  It was her birthday.  The grandparents came over for dinner.  Finally, in the evening, she was baptized and confirmed.

The program I typed up was all wrong (printed upside down, wrong names), we forgot to tell one person that she was on the program, the cake that always turns out, didn't turn out quite right, and two trips home were required to obtain forgotten items.  It felt chaotic and aggravating.  It was obvious that there were opposing forces at work--someone didn't want this to be a good experience.

Sorry, Opposer.  It was a wonderful night.

This little girl is a gem.  She has a spirit about her that is undeniable.  She asks difficult and intelligent questions about religious topics.  And she is fun to have around.

For the past several weeks, she has been feeling the Spirit and trying to do righteous things.  One of ways she has shown this desire is by copying verses out of the Bible.  Most of the time they are nice verses, even if they are random.  A few days ago, she brought me yet another copied verse.  I tried to be supportive and proud of her efforts, but I'm afraid I could not see through my tears.  She wrote:

Canst thou make him afraid as a grasshopper?  The glory of his nostrils is terrible.

Ha ha ha ha!!  What???  
After much searching, we found this verse.  Job 39:20

A couple of days later she had an interview with the bishop.  Afterward, I asked her how it went.  She told me,  "He asked me who the Holy Ghost was.  Mom, I couldn't remember everything so I just said, 'He's a ghost that's not scary.'"

Her baptism and confirmation were wonderful.  Her funny little personality came out frequently like when she was asked how she felt, "Weird and cold and wet and happy, kinda'."  

I love this girl and am so blessed to be her mother.  It is going to be great fun watching her grow.


  1. What a beautiful post, and a beautiful daughter! So happy for you both that it was a lovely experience! Love the pictures!

  2. That is a sweet picture of you and her! I'm glad you had a lovely day.