Monday, October 10, 2011

For the Love of Star Trek

It all started one night when the TV was left on after the "watched" show was over.  My parents were sitting in the basement visiting.  The TV was on, but they weren't paying any attention to it.  The children came in and asked what they were watching.  "Eww.  Star Trek??"  Then, we left.  My parents were hooked.  A show the children would not watch meant an hour of quiet, uninterrupted couple time.

We had always like the Star Trek movies and Mom's brothers had loved the TV series when they were younger.  There is a touch of nerd in many of us--though, admittedly, there is more of a streak of nerd in a few.

Gradually, my younger brother Levi and I started watching.  Then, we began recording the episodes so the four of us could watch together.  It was the first time we had ever recorded TV--it was a great novelty for our family, in those days, to fast-forward through the commercials!  The more we watched, the more we appreciated the intelligent plots, thought-provoking situations and interesting (endlessly interesting!) characters.  It became a loved family activity that all four of us looked forward to.

Fast-forward many years.  We recently borrowed a season of Star Trek from my parents.  My husband, too, has always loved the movies and he loved the old TV series.  He had never watched much of the New Generation.  I have been telling him for years that they really were good shows.  Every night, we have watched one episode.  It is the right amount of time to settle everyone down, but doesn't require the commitment of a whole movie.  Justin is slowly converting and the kids are enjoying the funny costumes and make-up.  It is nostalgic for me and I have loved introducing this to my family.

How do you feel about Star Trek?


  1. loved it as a child. Watched it with my Dad all the time...

  2. Love love love it! Next generation is the best, and I acutally was gifted the entire 7 season set so I can watch them anytime I want (although it is kind of a silly gift, I certainly didn't ask for it). Anyway, I love laughing at the cheesiness of it, but much of it also rings very true and I hope in many ways that our future can be so hopeful. I have many favorites and could talk about it a while, but I won't go on here. Suffice it to say, if you want to show him some more episodes you can come borrow mine!

  3. I am a Trekker.....say it LOUD, say it PROUD!! TNG is where my heart is, but the Classic-series rocks as well.

    Live Long and Prosper....BABY!!

  4. I vaguely remember that you guys weren't able to get the channel TNG was on for a while, so didn't we record some of those for you?

    I used to be able to identify any episode of TNG before the opening credits. It's been ages since I've watched any Star Trek series though.