Friday, October 28, 2011

The Kitchen Floor

Have you ever had buyer's remorse?  Have you ever had buyer's remorse before you even bought the thing?  I had that experience two days ago.  Here is the story.

You all know that I am a lousy housekeeper.  I work at it, but I would much rather tackle the bigger projects like building an outdoor fireplace.  Floors offer their own special challenge.  The kitchen floor in our mobile home was carpet.  Not only is carpet in the kitchen difficult to keep clean, but when you add that the said carpet was CREAM colored, you will understand why this was a serious problem.  I could not keep that thing clean.  I know many of you would have done a fabulous job with the situation, but I don't have the wherewithal to keep food off of a cream kitchen carpet.  Also, one of the reasons I wanted a dog is because they cut down on the cleanup of even the most egregious food spills.  With the carpet, my dog wouldn't even consider the bounteous treats on the floor--he would lick the lotion of my legs instead (dogs are gross).

On Wednesday, I got a bee in my bonnet and ripped the carpet out of the kitchen.  I was kind of hoping that the linoleum under the carpet would be okay.  It was, for the most part, but there was this super bad gash right in the center.  Plus, it had all the carpet glue living forever on it's surface.

Off to Home Depot.  They had some acceptable laminate flooring on clearance for $1.08 per square foot plus about $30 prep expense.  They had some really great, inexpensive flooring that my sister used with great success.  Not much prep expense, but it was $1.79 per square foot.  I looked at the sticky vinyl squares, and they actually had a design that was decent for $0.88 per square foot.  Finally, they had sheet vinyl for $0.48 per square foot with about $15 in application expense.  I looked and felt and thought and watched videos and looked again.

You know how when you go shopping when you are thirsty you end up with milk and juice and apples and oranges and grapes and pop and pineapple?  Just like I should have had a long drink of water before I went to the grocery store to balance my desire for liquid, I think I should have slept on this decision.  I was so desperate to get a new floor down in my kitchen that night that I really didn't take the time to decide what I wanted.

I bought the sheet vinyl.  It was the cheapest option by far and it achieved my goal of having a washable surface in my kitchen.

After the nice man in the orange apron cut it, I picked it up.  The roll bent.  "Oh, don't let that bend.  It is cheap and it will crack."  RED FLAG!  At that point, I should have put it down and run, but I did not.  I brought it home.

I have done a lot of home improvement projects.  This was one of the hardest.  I won't go into trying to cut the "cheap" vinyl floor without sufficient space (there couldn't be anything under it that could puncture the thin surface).  I won't bore you with the details of trying to keep the large roll under control while I spread the adhesive.  I won't expose myself with how I kicked my family out of the house under threat of removal of the little toes that kept trying to sneak into the very messy glue.  Basically, Wednesday evening was a disaster.

But, Thursday morning, I woke up with a floor that the dog would help clean--and one that I could run a mop over after he was done.  It doesn't look great (there are some bubbles that I was too exhausted to prevail upon), but it looks fine.  My biggest worry, though, is that it won't last very long and I'll still have to pick one of the more expensive options before we are finished with this house.  I don't know if I just wasted that money.

Oh, well.  It is done.  Lesson learned.  And, I suppose, the floor is clean, after all.

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  1. I think there should be a building code that prohibits carpet in kitchens- it's just wrong!!

    I think I'd rather live with a few bubbles than with carpet- yes, I would!