Monday, October 24, 2011

Lost Tool

When I bought my latest digital camera, I liked everything about it (considering its $100 price tag) except the battery system.  It is a specific to the camera kind of battery so I can't go to the Walgreens to buy a replacement.  It has a long battery life and recharges quickly, but I worry about times when I have my camera on for extended periods of time and I can't recharge the battery (like on a vacation).  I have considered purchasing a backup battery.  ($30.)

Today's problem is not that one, though.  Today's problem is my children.  One of them took the recharger off of a high shelf and LOST the thing.  ($30.)  I have a battery, I have time to recharge it, but I can't get the task done.

And it's really a bummer because my fireplace is done.

Update:  It has been found.  The battery is charging.  Pictures of the fireplace coming soon.


  1. GRRRRR- I hate that! Hope you find it soon. I'm excited to see the fireplace.

  2. Ah man! I have that exact charger, but we live pretty far away!!