Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Dear Friend

After I first dropped off my son to live in another town, I cried the whole way home.  The whole nine hours home.  At one moment, I even cried a little in self-pity because I had no friends in our new city who would cry with me when I got home!

Then, I thought of Joette.  I knew she lived somewhere near our new place, though I didn't know quite where.

I met Joette in the 9th grade--at a time when both of us needed a good friend.  She and I became peanut butter and jelly; I was better when I was with her.  I loved her and I knew she loved me, even with all of my foibles.  My best friend, my go-to gal, my confidant.  High school was an absolute joy and a lot of that is because Joette was always with me. One of our favorite activities included music.  Joette played piano--she was always at the piano.  She played for solos, small groups, and choirs.  She even helped me win a student body campaign by playing the tune to Ave Maria while I sang, Vote for Emily.  Joette sat at the piano in our living room while our whole family sang around her.  She would play for us while we hung wallpaper!  How many, many hours did I sing to Joette's music.  After high school, life took us in different directions and, though we had brief re-connections, we were never really in each other's lives.

Call Joette, I thought to myself in the middle of my tears during that long drive.  Just the thought of her calmed me down and buoyed me up.

The next day, Joette showed up at my door.  She claimed  that, as the Stake Organist, she was visiting the new people.  Ha.  I had not called, she just knew I needed her and she came.  She has always been that way.

She has been in this area for a while and knows a lot of good people.  As soon as our schedules allowed, she planned a dinner party so I could start to make friends.  She brought me Lemon Thyme so I could have something green in my kitchen window.  She gave me some massive old logs to use as seating around our fireplace.  Joette is the definition of thoughful.

Within a few weeks, our oldest girl started taking piano lessons from her.  Now I get to see my Joette at least once a week.

Yesterday, Joette sat at the piano as I sang behind her.  Tears sprang to my eyes as we, once again, made music together.  It was a sweet, to-be-remembered moment.

There is a reason we are here and I often think that it is because of what we are to do.  I forget that our loving Heavenly Father also has a few gifts in store--Joette is certainly a gift to me.


  1. A good friend is a tender mercy of the best kind.

  2. piano players are the best kind of friends. They are hidden behind the scenes and not in the spotlight- yet they make the whole musical number come together...they are selfless and thoughtful.

    Joette truly cares about her friends. She is full of love and passion. I am usually known as "joette's sister" and hardly April in Spokane. Can't seem to pull off Joette's niceness- I try...but she is just a remarkable person all around. My girls miss her terribly and talk about her all the time. She plays a huge roll in Keith's kids' lives as well. God has her hard at work uplifting and encouraging everyone around her. A true Mother in Zion.

    She has replaced Mom when it comes to long phone calls and telling her all my weaknesses and knowing I am still loved. She is great. An angel.

  3. Love, love, love friends like that. They are a rare find and a true treasure!!!

  4. This is truly special. Nice to have such a great friend.