Thursday, October 6, 2011

Out of Money . . . Again

My husband's final year of school is a set of eight, six-week rotations.  One of those rotations is "off"--in other words, he could work for actual money during those six weeks.  That rotation ended three weeks ago.  We paid off some things, stocked up on some things, went camping a couple of times and bought some needed (and some wanted) things.

It was a lovely couple of months.  It wasn't like we were suddenly rolling in it, but I did feel a little more like a normal shopper.  If one of us wanted donuts, we bought donuts.  If one of us wanted to go for a Sunday drive, we went.  If one of us wanted a fruit that wasn't on sale, we bought it anyway.  It was probably frivolous, but, after six years of constantly scrimping, finding the best deal or doing without, it is nice to, once in a while, not always think about it.

Now things are back to normal.  We will have enough (we are stocked up, after all).  Just, please little car, keep going for a few more months.  And, hot water tank?  Please don't give up the ghost.  And puppy?  Don't chew up anything important or valuable.  And, aging computers, please don't give me the blue screen.  And body?  Don't get need-a-doctor sick.  In other words, if nothing catastrophic happens, we will be okay!

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  1. I'm guessing that even if something catastrophic happens you'll be OK- God will provide.

    But I'm sending best wishes for a smooth ride!!!