Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Someday House Laundry Room

For me, the aesthetic of the laundry room matches that of bathrooms:  clean and bright.  I think this comes from the fact that my mom's laundry room is in a partially finished, poorly lit basement room and, until now, my own laundry rooms have been dreary, basement spaces.  A mother spends so much time in a laundry room.  It really should be a happier place!

On to the details.

1.  A utility sink is a must have.  I am sick of soaking clothes in my kitchen sick.  Also, now that we have a pet, I love the idea of a big galvanized tub with a shower nozzle!

2.  A fold-down ironing board.  My grandmother has one of these in her kitchen and I've always thought it was so smart!  Mine will have a shelf for the iron and an outlet right in there so I can plug it in easily.

3.  Tons of storage.  I would actually like a couple of floor to ceiling cabinets.  This would be our linen closet for sheets, extra blankets, and table clothes, though towels would be stored in the bathrooms.  If there is room, this would be an excellent place to have bins for the kids' off-season clothing.

4.  A place for sorting.  A good friend of mine has a set-up for this and she loves it.  The family all has laundry baskets in their rooms.  When the baskets are full, they bring them into the laundry and sort them for washing.  Then, when the whites basket is full, she can simply toss in the load.  

5.  Location, location, location.  Main floor.  (If I am customizing a forever home, I want to be able to access things when I am 90 as well as when I am 35.)  If I could have my first pick, it would be on the east side of the house (prettiest sunlight) and right next to the kitchen.

6.  Above all, Utility.  This room needs to be a workhorse and I want it to look like a laundry room.  I am okay with being able to see my monster-sized Tide box, the Windex bottles and the spare rolls of paper towels, BUT, there must be a place for everything.

7.  Easy care floor.  Laundry, by it's nature, makes for a littered floor--at least at my house.  Between sand falling out of the rolled up pant legs, lint from the dryer and the muddy shoes fresh from the meadow, there is always something on the floor.  In the laundry room, I am completely happy with a good sheet linoleum.  No grout, no warping, deals well with moisture and dirt.

8.  Drying Rack Drawers.  I always have sweaters laying this, that and the other way all over my laundry.  I really like this solution.  A couple of pull-out drying drawers would really help keep the laundry room tidy.

Your turn.  What did I forget?  What would you recommend?


  1. After having a concrete laundry room floor, I would go with that over linoleum. You can glaze it or stain it and it looks like polished stone, not at all like a concrete basement floor. Linoleum will tear, especially with dogs and kids. Concrete is pretty much forever. And VERY easy care. I loved it.

  2. Concrete? Really? That seems so cold and hard- it surprizes me that you liked it. I do think you have good taste, but I'd like to see it in real life before I tried it myself.

    Your laundry room plans sound great to me! A good friend of mine once told me, "I firmly believe that if you have a laundry room you can have a clean house." I agree- about 80% of the mess in my house is laundry.

    I love the idea of having so much storage and a big sorting area. I also like having the laundry room close to the kitchen. I want to be close to whatever else is going on when I do laundry.

    When I was young, my mom had a small wastebasket with a label for each child that she would throw clean socks and underwear in- saved tons of time!

  3. a chandelier of course

    check it out


  4. A nice long table to fold clothes at. It could probably be incorporated into the sorting station. I HATE that I fold clothes in my front room, where there are always piles for everyone to see.

  5. I cannot tell you how close our ideal bathroom/laundry rooms are!!! I have a feeling we will be building very similar "forever homes" one day.

  6. I want your forever home!!!! It was so much fun seeing you guys again!