Friday, October 14, 2011

Someday House Master Bath

I can't have white cabinetry in the kitchen.  We had it in our old house and I found myself washing the fronts of the cabinets as often as I was washing the counter-tops!  A bathroom, however, is a different beast altogether. While I prefer color everywhere else, white is my favorite option in the bathroom (except grout . . . we'll have to come up with a creative solution there).  That is not to say I wouldn't be okay with some color, I just want the major features to be white.  I want to walk into a bathroom and know it is clean.

Vintage Bathroom traditional bathroom

I don't have a definite master bathroom layout, but I do have some definite criteria.  I do not want a crazy-big whirlpool tub.  I'd rather spend money on a deep soaker.  If you're going to take a bath, at least make sure your whole body fits in the water, I say.

The shower is the show-stopper for me.  We are showerers, so that would be more used than an expensive tub.  I would love to have a glass shower--with two shower heads.  They don't have to be fancy shower heads, but there must be two of them.

I don't have much of an opinion about the toilet.  It just has to flush every time.  If there is room to put it in its  own closet, great.  If not, oh well.

I would like to have this little smart feature:

Just make a closet in between the studs.  Great use of space!

I would like to not have to go through the bathroom to get to the closet.  (I'll cover closets more in another post.)  Two sinks would be nice, but not essential.  Sufficient counter space and good storage is essential, however.  

I do apply my makeup in the bathroom, so I do need to have good lighting.  And Justin would love to shave in the shower, but even the no-fog shower mirrors, fog.  I'd like to get him a heated shower mirror so it actually IS fog free.

That's about it.  Did I forget anything?


  1. Oooohh, I LOVE the idea of two shower heads!!!!! There is a family here in our neighborhood who seriously put a car wash in their master bathroom shower. It has shower heads and sprayers from all directions above and on the walls. That's a bit much for me- but two shower heads- now that's good thinking!!

    I'm split on the tub- I like the deep soaker, but I wouldn't mind some nice jets to go along with it. And room for two is always nice in my opinion!

    And yes, lots of counter space and closet space (and that in the wall closet- that's just awesome!). Good lighting is a must, not just artificial though- natural light is better for applying make-up.

    As for grout- I hate the stuff- except for on tile floors. I detest tile in the bathroom because it is impossible to keep the grout clean. They do have grout sealer now that is supposed to keep the mildew and such out, but I'm not convinced it's worth it. We just redid our tub surround (now that was a project- three layers of old surround, and then plaster with chicken wire.) We put in a cultured marble surround. It was more pricey, but it is built to last and it's easy to keep looking nice- I love it!

    I had an apartment once where the tub and toilet were in a separate room and I loved it! It was really nice to be able to shower or use the toilet in privacy and still have the sink/mirror available for others to use. In a master bathroom the tub/shower wouldn't be such a big deal, but I love having the toilet in it's own little room. With all the girls that we have, I would love to have a bathroom where the tub and shower were separate from the vanity!

  2. Drawers/storage: I love drawers in the bathroom for all the jams & jellies. Right now I have a tall bookcase with linen baskets as drawers & little labels (pain, first aid, cold aids), but I would love to have the storage built into the cabinetry instead.

    Linen storage: We have a big house & there are not linen closets. Where are we supposed to put the towels? and sheets? and blankets? We have converted an unused shower to the Linen Shower. All the infrequently used stuff goes into the Linen Shower. So annoying.

    Grout: I know that a huge part of keeping the grout clean is having the proper foundation behind the tile. HardiBacker is not enough. There's this stuff called "Kurdi" or something that is like putting the shower in a giant rubber balloon.