Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Someday House Milieu

I learned that word, Milieu, in college.  My roommate and I did a word-of-the-day thing.  We picked a new word, then had to use it at least once during the day.  Milieu is the environment or atmosphere of a place or time.  These pictures have the milieu I'm looking for in the new pad.

Warm, cozy colors.  A lot of natural light.  Natural materials like wood, rock and and brick.  Simple, clean lines with a dose of romantic.  Nine months out of the year are cold here, so indoors must be a sanctuary from the chill.  We live in the garden in the summer.  Well, that and the basement.

Do you like the way this feels?


  1. I can't even imagine doing anything intellectual with my roommates at college. They would play "boy-of-the-day" instead.

    I always lost.

    Your design selection is very timeless and inviting. Kind of like the person you are. Which now worries me because now I've suddenly made the suggestion that our way of decorating reflects what kind of person we are...and now I'm looking around my house rolling my eyes.

  2. Two things... I <3 the chickens. Can't wait to hear all about them. And I want to see you grow a pear big enough to sit on a chair.