Thursday, October 20, 2011

Someday House Windows

This post will not outline the type of windows (wood, steel, vinyl, paned, double hung, or stained glass).  Most of those kinds of decisions won't be made until we're talking with the architect.  This post is more for the mom and gardener in me.

The front of the house faces south, so we'll want windows there.  However, I don't want my view focused on who is coming up the driveway or who is checking their mail or passing on their 4-wheelers.

The neighbors on the east side of the house have three, big pole buildings.  All of them are sided in a brilliant white metal--too bright for this area, I think.  So, I really want windows on the eastern side, but I think we'll focus more on transom windows and skylights so I don't need to look at the neighbors garages all of the time.

West is . . . well . . . west.  We'll want some windows on the west side for the winter (again, long cold season around here), but western facing windows are tricky during the summer.  I'll have to plan the plantings carefully so they let in heat during the winter, but effectively block the sun in the summer.

Projects traditional landscape

That leaves the northern side.  Usually, they suggest that you don't have many windows on the northern side because of the heat loss.  That is a factor, but I think the house will be close enough to the wind-blocking forest that most of the most intense heat-loss potential will be drastically reduced.  It is also the prettiest view--the forest, much of the meadow and the fireplace are behind the house.  There are no neighbors to spy and no direct sunlight to roast us out.

I would love for this to be a wall of glass.  Something like this:

There is one glaring problem with this, however:  the children.  I had full-length windows in our first house and I was ALWAYS washing those windows.  The base of all windows in our house will be higher.

Higher even than these, but this gives you an idea.

In order to get to that inviting back yard, we need doors.  One other must not, is a sliding door.  Our front door in our trailer is a sliding door.  Between the kids and the dog, it is constantly grimy.  Also, for some reason, it is impossible for children to close a sliding glass door.  This is a big pet-peeve of my husband's--that door is continually being left open.  Grrrr.  Instead, I'd rather go with something like this:

It has a large window, but has a solid wood bottom (although that doorknob would be difficult for my pods to negotiate).

I haven't gotten to a kitchen post yet, but I have to show a couple of images here.  The kitchen will be on the north-east corner of the house--like the bottom of an L shape.  I'd like the north and west sides of the kitchen to be all glass.  This should be the view into the kitchen:

I'll get more into this in a later post, too, but suffice it to say that extending out from those kitchen doors will be a long, vine-covered pergola over a patio.

Of course, there will have to be a few window seats:

In short, lots of windows, but not clear to the floor, and the glass doors must have hinges!


  1. I am so overwhelmed with all of the possibilities!

  2. Oooooh, I LOVE windows! I love the sunlight coming in and I love looking out. Apparently my children take after me in this regard. I love having a window low enough for them see out without having to climb on things- I don't even mind the handprints- on that window.

    I don't care for sliding doors either, I love those hinged doors with all the window panes. I think having a wood base is a good idea though, because smudges on the doors are not a nice welcome or good-bye.

    My aunt's house is set up so that from her kitchen she can see out the front and has an almost full vew of the backyard- nice to be able to keep an eye on the children while getting work done. I love the idea of the kitchen being open to the yard- especially if it is somewhat private!!!!