Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Morning

My boy had a scout activity this morning.  It wasn't super early, but daylight is coming later and later now that it is October.  It was a particularly beautiful morning.  The fog was low and thick, the colors were vibrant and it smelled so good!

See?  Beautiful.  (I am generally happy with what I can get with my point-and-shoot, but it did not capture the colors this morning.  The mountains should be green.)

Then, I saw this:

I got closer.

Wild Turkeys.  Perfect.

I had already dropped the boy off at Scouts so I was alone in the car.  I felt bad that there wasn't anyone else to see this.  Then, I remembered that I happened to have my camera in my purse.  

Today is a super busy day and this was a wonderful start to my day.  I love my town!


  1. Wow! These pictures turned out great - the mountains look green on my monitor.

  2. We had a flock of wild turkeys in our yard many a time. Beautiful country up there!

  3. Gorgeous!! Awesome way to start a busy day!