Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beautiful Winter

I feel very blessed this morning.  Last night we went to bed during a howling rain storm.  Our little trailer has a metal roof and metal walls so a storm is an interactive experience.  The wind blew all the remaining leaves off the trees and this morning, we woke up to this:

This is actually a long while after I initially went outside.  The first time, there was this glorious pink blush in the sky, but my camera battery was dead.  This is what it looked like after the battery was charged AND the girls were all in their snow clothes (a massive undertaking).

 Patches is having a marvelous time in the snow!  He and the other children are leaping and running and jumping and falling in the snow.  Every time one of the girls lays down to make a snow angel, they are attacked by a jolly puppy.

"Patches, give me my hat back!!"  Doesn't he look please with himself?

What a gift to be able to live here--yes, even in my trailer--and to get to wake up to this kind of a vision.

Have a beautiful weekend.

The MotherShip


  1. Lovely view! That's what I like about my rental, the windows and back yard. On your poll, if I could go I would definitely do both. I love zoos and Sea World is really fun-I have actually been there.

  2. Gorgeous- makes me excited for the coming winter! Ours hasn't hit yet.