Sunday, November 6, 2011

Looking for a Job

Dear Dad and Mom,

Don't let this post panic you.  It is not for real.

Your Finally-Home Daughter

Should we move here?

For the last few days, my husband was at Pharmacy Fair.  Basically, it is an opportunity for student pharmacists to get together with recruiters.  Despite the fact that Justin had several promising interviews, there was a prevailing feeling of dispair among his classmates.  The job market for pharmacists has depleted over the past couple of years.  Many older pharmacists, who would have retired and left an opening, lost much of their retirement savings in the sluggish stock market.  Pharmacists who were part-time have gone to work full-time because their spouse lost their job or has had drastic pay cuts.  And, more students were graduating nationwide.  The thing that many of the almost-graduates don't seem to understand is that there are plenty of jobs; you just might have to move to get one.

Justin is actually in an area where he has a pretty good chance of getting a job.  But if he can't, I say, Let's not move to Anywhere, USA.  Let's go somewhere amazing!  Here are a few places where they are seeking pharmacists--or where I would be willing to go when they do need a guy.

US Virgin Islands

Washington DC




Basically, my first choice is here.  But, you never know (a lesson we've learned well over the past few years).  None of these would be for longer than a couple of years, a foot in the door, while we waited for a position to open up in our area.  It would be a great family adventure, wouldn't it?


  1. While there's a part of me that wishes my husband had a job where we could just settle down somewhere and put down roots, most of me likes that we get to move all over and experience different parts of the country and world.

    Having lived in Maine and Vermont (Well, not Vermont EXACTLY. It was New Hampshire but RIGHT on the border. Our ward was in Vermont. We could throw a rock into Vermont from our back yard), I can say those would be EXCELLENT choices. Especially for you and your family.

    Having lived in the DC suburbs, I can tell you that you would very likely be ready to get out as soon as you could. While having all the (free!) museums at your doorstep is great, so many other things make it not worth it. Like, having to allow yourself a minimum of two hours to drive 20 miles (Not even exaggerating), and an insane cost of living (as in, $5 for a gallon of milk or $3000+ a month for a small three bedroom townhouse with a postage stamp yard, if you're lucky enough to have a yard.)
    I've never lived in Alaska or Hawaii, but know lots and lots of people who have. The consensus seems to be that Alaska is amazing as long as you don't mind the cold, and Hawaii is a mixed bag. It's beautiful, and there are lots of outdoor activities, but there are lots of homeless people living on the beaches, people tend to be careless with things like trash, so everything is dirty all the time. And apparently there's a lot of racism (even among the LDS wards) against non-native white people moving to the islands. I've also been told that the Pidgin English spoken there is nerve grating to non-natives.

    I really shouldn't comment in the morning. I get really rambly. My whole point was that moving someplace far from where you've ever been can be a really fun thing.

  2. I heard there is a reservation close by us that is always on the lookout for a pharmacist. Just sayin.

  3. I don't think I'd want to live in DC- nice to visit though, so living near it would be nice- but I think every other location you listed would be a winner in my least for a few years. I do like my winters so I'd need snow eventually.

    It's interesting to hear your perspective on pharmacy jobs. My husband was hopeful to get into the pharmacy program and didn't- now I'm thinking it was more of a blessing in disguise than we realized at the time.