Friday, November 18, 2011

My Prayer Experiences, Part Two

Funny and handy child seat at a rest stop.

After our miraculous arrival at the gas station, we continued on our journey.  Everything was fine, but it was starting to get late.  There is a place I usually stop to sleep.  It is a bit off the freeway and I always feel safe sleeping there.  Once I turn into the lot, I have a little routine to help me sleep.  First, I blast the heat until I have our makeshift beds put together.  I remove my shoes, put the car seat back all of the way, lock all the doors and turn off the car.  By this time, I can usually fall asleep fairly quickly.  I planned on getting at least five hours that night.

Day Two

Even though I was feeling tired when I pulled off the freeway, I could not relax--even after trying all of my insomnia tricks.  The night was cold, so I had to keep turning on the car to heat us up.  The whole time I had this prodding in the back of my mind to get back on the road.  I had one more major pass to get over and I couldn't stop thinking that I needed to get over it before I settled down to rest.  I tried to rationalize away the prompting with no success.  Finally, after a couple of hours of trying to force sleep, I buckled my little one back in and we ventured on.  (After I was over the pass, I did crash for a couple of hours in a church parking lot).

Without taking time out for the extra sleep, I arrived at my destination early and we got back on the road early.  Incidentally, the storm I was trying to outrun on the way down had come after we arrived (though didn't affect that town).  There was a section of road where a crazy dust storm had reduced visibility drastically.  It was pretty bad, but by going slowly, it was passable.  About halfway home, I had my dad check the passes for me.  He told me that the section of the freeway we had just covered had been closed due to the dust storm. If I hadn't responded to the prompting to get back on the road and had slept instead, I would have been stuck behind the barricade of a closed freeway.

With the exception of twenty miles of snow on one of the passes, our return drive was uneventful.  Much of the road was totally dry.

Look what started just after we got home.

Justin measured 8 inches on the garbage can that was sitting out for morning collection.

All of those small promptings added up to a much safer, less stressful drive.

Can we be guided by the Holy Ghost?  Is Heavenly Father actively involved in our lives?

Unequivocally, yes.  This I know.


  1. Why are there no other comments on your prayer experiences? Thank you for sharing! You gave me that wonderful feeling inside. Sometimes I get a little "church" from my friends. Thank you for standing for something and sharing your thoughts on prayer.

  2. Thanks for sharing this experience, Emily. I need to hear it! And I'm glad you had a safe trip.

  3. Yes indeed, there are miracles today! Thanks for sharing your inspiring experiences.