Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random Bits

  • Remember these trees?  I recently transplanted several onto my property from under the power lines. We walked back out to the lines just a few days ago and the trees are gone--shredded.  I don't know what they used to cut those trees, but I think it was some crazy Russian vehicle like the one in the new Indiana Jones movie.  You know, the one with the two big blades cutting down the Amazon Rain Forest (or wherever they were)?  There was nothing left.  I transplanted just in the nick of time.
  • Even though I didn't listen to his advice to get a flu shot, I'm glad I have an almost-pharmacist in the house.  He explained to me why children's medication is so carefully dosed by weight, but once you are 12, it is all the same.  "Why," I wondered, "Does you son, who weighs half as much as you, take the same amount of medicine that you do?"  If you need to understand the answer, ask him.  It has more to do with body function maturation and less to do with dead weight.
  • There is a massive difference between a three year old throwing up and the same action by an eight year old.  The eight year old will nearly always make it to the toilet.  This is another reason I am a better mother to older children.
  • It is 12:10 am and I just heard a gun shot.  I do not live in the city--the opposite in fact.  Are there hunters hunting at this time of night--on a school night?
  • Yes, we had a major bug at this house, but the good news is that we were sick before Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving, but no one was sick on the actual holiday.  
  • Perks of being sick: puppet shows at the foot of my bed, luke-warm tea in a half-filled mug, frequent (and varying degrees of skill) hair brushings, well-intention, full of love, ineffective foot rubs, lots of gentle I-love-you's spoken from sincere little faces--right before they bury their pointy elbows into your guts while trying to cuddle your wilted body, and my husband finally coming home from work and saving me.
  • Also, I had a super good book to read.  Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea by Gary Kinder.  Non-fiction.  It was like reading a Ken Burns documentary.
  • For the first time ever, I shopped on Black Friday.  I was expecting a miserable experience so I arrived two hours late.  I got a perfect parking spot, snagged the very thing I wanted at an incredible deal and, even though I could feel the Dopamine pumping through my veins and I really, really wanted to do some major splurge shopping, I didn't find any other deals on things we needed.  That made me feel even better on the drive home!
  • I have had several requests to build websites for other companies, based on the one I designed in trade for ballet lessons.  I have no idea what to charge.  
  • Living on a dirt road is great for traffic control, but I think my car will always be dirty from this time forth.  I think the next car shall be the color dirt.
  • I am in love with my kids' new pediatrician.  He is a little older than my parents and the first thing he did was pick up my littlest one, kissing her on top of the head while he plopped her gently on the exam table.  Before he began any of the five exams, he asked the children if they were kind to each other, if they obeyed their mother and if they worked hard in school.  He told my oldest that he is to be the example.  That God put him at the first of the line for a reason.  What?  A doctor enforcing good behaviors and had the gumption to discuss God in a public setting?  By the way, no where on the thirty-six pages of history/contact information I had to fill out (no, that number is not an exaggeration) was my religious preference asked.  He reminded my oldest children that they should abstain from sex until married.  No, I'm serious.  He had the little ones repeat songs, nursery rhymes and poems.  They were stumped on Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  Their mother doesn't care much about sports.  I could go on.  Oh, he also checked their ears, spine, and etc. I've seen many doctors and have never had an experience like this.  Amazing.
  • In high school, my mom and I tried this experiment with an over-the-counter teeth whitener.  They were these plastic trays that you squeezed a gel into and placed on your teeth.  It worked fairly well.  I read recently that you could swish hydrogen peroxide and it would whiten your teeth.  Well, I thought, nothing to lose.  I tried it.  It tastes exactly the same as that gel stuff.  I'll bet that gel that my mom probably paid way too much for was just hydrogen peroxide!  Tricky tricksters.  I'll let you know how my experiment goes with the $1 bottle.
  • Last year I really pared down my Christmas decorations.  I still won't fit everything in my little house.  Hey, unless I decorate bedrooms, too!  I think I shall!

Always and Forever,
The MotherShip

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  1. Yeah- you're back- I've missed your messages. Sounds like your Thanksgiving week was as not fun as ours- but I think we are over the bug now (fingers crossed).

    When I first read about the trees I thought you meant someone had chopped down the ones in your yard- but it was the ones under the power pole, right?

    My husband is a pediatric RN- getting the doses right for medicines is a huge thing- it doesn't take much for a child to overdose- kind of scary.

    I've really liked both of our pediatricians, but yours does take the cake- WOW, I am super impressed!

    And lastly- my three year old is finally starting to throw up in a bucket- if we keep it close enough, but any younger than that and it's pretty hopeless. One excellent trick that my midwife taught me is to use receiving blankets- layer several of them under the child (on the bed or couch) and then each time they throw up simply remove the top layer. Makes nighttime messes so much easier since you don't have to keep changing sheets. I also found that cloth diapers work to catch the little ones throw up- especially if you are holding them.