Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Someday House Master Bedroom Location

Since I recently mentioned planning for when we are grandparents, you know I'm also thinking of when we are elderly.  Both Justin and I have some strong long-lived genes and most of those were happy and hoppin' right up to the end, but there is no promise that one of us won't get to ride around in a wheelchair all day.  That noted, I have a conundrum.  Do we put the master bedroom upstairs or down?  Here are the arguments.

Main floor bedroom:

For the future, main floor makes sense.  If stairs ever become too difficult, we are established there.  If we build a walk-in shower, extra wide doors and put the laundry on the same floor, we could theoretically stay in this house until we croak.

Second story bedroom:

The view, the view, the view.  My 84 year old grandmother's laundry is in the basement.  She considers it part of her exercise to haul her baskets up and down the stairs.  We could always build a master bedroom later as an addition if our knees stopped working.

I don't know.  What would you do?
Please take these pictures with a grain of salt.  I never expect to have white anything in my house and I do not want a master "wing."  Mostly, I like the massive beams.


  1. I like the beams too.

    I'm thinking build the master bedroom upstairs and the guest bedroom downstairs- then if you can't do stairs anymore- you just switch. :) Problem solved- hehe

  2. We love our main floor master bedroom. I really like it - other than the fact you can see our bed through the sidelights of our front door & the shower (?!!!) too. Worry about line of site stuff!! My brother-in-law's house has a little "entry" to the master - walk in to a wall, turn left to the bathroom, turn right around a corner to the bedroom. I think it's good for a little privacy.