Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chew or Bury

Our puppy is now 6 months old.  He chews on everything.  While he hasn't destroyed anything of significant value, he has chewed up a lot of things with a little value . . . which adds up to a significant value.  He has chew toys and ropes and a towel octopus thing, but he would rather chew paper cups, ball point pens, pine cones and Polly Pockets.  The other day, I decided to get him some of those rawhide bones.

I bought a pack of six.  When I got home, I gave him one and he immediately took it outside to chew in the front yard.  Later, I couldn't find the first, so I gave him a second.  He went straight to the door and whined to go outside.  Realizing the probable sentence of the first bone, I wouldn't let him take the bone outside.  I even put him in his kennel, thinking that once he was in there he would begin to chew and understand its advantages over cardboard.  He put it in a corner and left it there.

Somewhere along the way, he came out of his kennel and someone (probably me) let him out without checking to see if the bone was in his mouth.  It must have been.

I just gave him his third bone.

And what did he do?  Went to the door and frantically pawed at the glass.  Even though my daughter followed him and tried to see what he was doing with the bones, it has disappeared.

Guess I need to just buy more paper cups.

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