Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Santa "found" the ring she got for last Christmas, but that had fallen into a meat case at the grocery store--it slipped between a crack and was gone forever.

A piggy bank (Lucky) so she doesn't have to keep her money in a jar with a slot cut in the lid.

Excitedly watching her siblings open presents.

That poor sick one on the couch made aprons for all of the girls and a draw-string bag for the boys.  My mom was the tutor as she worked and worked and worked on these sweet gifts.  I was so proud of her.

I didn't get a picture of all of them, but my dear mother helped all of my girls make gifts this year.  One of the quiet pity parties I've had for myself over the years is that, as a home schooling mom, I never get home made gifts from my kids--unless I help them make it!  It was so wonderful to open home made candles from the 3 year old, a decoupaged "love letter" box from the 6 year old, a painted and decoupaged tray from the 8 year old and an apron from my 10 year old.  I will always treasure these gifts.

The big boy drew her name for Christmas.  I was so proud of him when we went shopping for her because he carried this VERY pink sequined purse all over the store!  Brave.

A book!

Family coloring time in our new pajamas.   

After many years of asking and wishing and hoping, we finally got the kids a wii for Christmas.  Since a new one is coming out this year, we got a super steal.  We are so behind the times that the kids don't even care that it is nearly outdated!  We played a Christmas Story trick on them and pulled the gift out last.  We had warned them that it was going to be a small Christmas--just a couple of gifts each.  After they were all opened, they were so happy with the small gifts.  I will never forget their positive attitudes and thankful hearts.  What good children.  But when we spotted the semi-hidden box, even the super sick sweethearts were clapping their hands and squealing.  After their sweet responses to the small Christmas, then the incredulous response to the wii, my heart nearly burst.

Snow White

Most of the girls received a Hogwarts' Christmas from Grandma.

We went to my parent's house after church--about 4 pm.  The big kids were feeling a bit better and could participate in the gifting a little more.

All of the girls got a stuffed magical pet.  Here she is opening Fluffy, the three-headed hound.

Pumpkin Juice, in her hand.  (Mixed reviews.  Most thought it was good, but I didn't like it much.)

Hogwarts' cousins.

All decked out--complete with wand carved by her grandmother.

Despite the sickness, we had a wonderful Christmas.  I was asked to sing a song at church, one my Papa always sang.  I was so nervous, I could literally feel my dress moving from my heartbeat.  But, Joette was at the piano, so that helped a lot.  Justin got a wonderful gift from his boss which brought great relief to us both.  We are near our families again and our windows look out over the most beautiful scenery the Lord has to offer.  Our kids were sick, but not in a life-threatening way.  Our advent tradition was a joy each night of December as we read about and discussed the miraculous events surrounding the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

It was indeed, a Merry Christmas.


  1. What a Happy Hogwarts Christmas!!

  2. Love all those pictures- what happy, beautiful faces!