Friday, December 2, 2011


No, this post will not be about vampires or parasites.  I'm sorry if that's what you were wanting this morning.

Last night was my first time having anyone over to our house--at least in a planned way.  The first official visit to our home from anyone besides family came after we had lived here about two weeks.  It was a Sunday evening and I was already in my nightgown--no bra and all.  My husband and I were wandering around our meadow when a car slowed down and then turned into our driveway.  Without explanation to my husband who hadn't seen the car and who was dressed in actual clothes, I breathed, "Oh, NO!" and sprinted for the house, nightgown flowing about me.

Upon entering the house, the children told me that someone was at the door.  I whisper-barked out orders while I threw on some clothes.  Pick up the blankets.  Hurry, get all of the dishes.  Just shove these boxes in your room and close the door.  Quickly, you guys.  Help pick up these  toys.  After we frantically tidied the living room, I finally opened the heavy drapes that hang across our sliding glass door (which is the front door).  The door was open and there stood a man from our church, sporting a wide grin.  Caught.

Well, that first impression was probably accurate.

So last night I had known for a month that people were coming.  It was my turn to host book club.  We had been passing around the flu earlier and the flu is a crappy hostess gift.  I cleaned every surface of my house, the most touchable parts like doorknobs and light switches, with Clorox.

We put up most of the Christmas decorations, though we held off on the tree for lack of space.  I had a few refreshments on the table and the girls were spending the night with my parents.  There was space for twelve.  It was going to be close.

7:30 they came and didn't leave until 11:40.  There was one extra chair.  Everyone laughed and no one cried--though one new girl told a really sad story.  (She was in another book club until they voted her out--right in front of her!  I couldn't believe it.  What Junior High cruelty.)

My little trailer was lovely and inviting.  I wasn't in my pajamas this time, though I did notice later that I had forgotten to put on my make-up that morning.  Well, what can you do?

Housecleaning tip #48:  If you want to get your house clean, host a party.


  1. I've tried that- what happened is that all the stuff got shoved into the bedroom. The front room looked decent, but my bedroom has never recovered!

    Speaking of make-up...Earlier this week my family and I went out for a walk by the falls and were approached by a tv newsreporter doing a story. She interviewed us and we were on the local 10:00 news...and of course, I was without make-up! :)

  2. Home teaching on the 30th as a surprise shouldn't count - especially if it's late & you're in your jammies!!! We host a YSA home evening every Sunday night, so every Monday morning my house is pretty clean.

  3. It was a great night. I had so much fun. Your home was warm and welcoming. If you had toys out I didn't notice and it would have meant that your home looked like mine did when I left it!
    Thanks for the fun night and the good read.

  4. "If you want to get your house clean, host a party."

    So true!

    My mom and sister had an intervention a couple months ago, and helped me organize & clean my apartment. So I decided to have a little get together with some friends from work. First time I've invited anyone over since I was a kid. I could have used more chairs, but it was so much fun. So I decided to have Thanksgiving at my place too. Now it's like "Ok, who else can I invite over?" It's a lot of fun (though a lot of work - I was grateful for the snow that meant everyone was an hour late and gave me more time to finish cooking & cleaning). :)