Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lights Cruise

We live in a lake-y area.  (Thirty lakes within thirty miles.)  One of the largest lakes has a fleet of cruise ships.  They are really just great big house boats, but they are cool.  My three little girls and I went on a cruise in the fall when the trees were showing off.  Even though my husband and I grew up here and had heard about the Christmas Lights cruises, we had never been before.  This year, we decided to go.

It was a cold night and it was even colder on the water.  

There was a semi-heated cabin, though, so we survived.

Actually, we didn't just survive.  We had a great time.

There was a fabulous display . . .

And across the lake, there was a surprise!

Now, my kids all know about Santa.  They know that he has workers that play Santa during this very busy time of year, but that they bring messages back to the North Pole.  

But, guess what!  This was the real Santa.  They all know that it was because he KNEW THEIR NAMES!

It was a magical night and will be a new tradition for our family.

As I look back over the year of pictures, I discovered that I am not in very many pictures.  I have decided to make sure that there is a record of me being involved in my life!  So, yes, I was on the cruise, too.

Merry Christmas, friends.