Monday, December 12, 2011

Must. Keep. Reading.

My daughter just said to me, "I'm going to make a cup of cocoa and go read Little House in my bed."  Honestly.  Some of my favorite words.

This one has been reading like crazy lately--probably because we've been without a television for six weeks now.  She just finished Hunger Games and, like the rest of us, couldn't put it down.  I thought it might be too heavy or dark for her, but she devoured it.  Ha! Pun.  She found her brother's old bow, packed a backpack with some essentials, called for Patches and played "Hunger Games."  She has spent the past two days in the woods.  We have talked a lot about the harder themes presented in the book.  I love books that make me think about it for days (even years, in some cases).  And, like her, I love books that make me want to be a part of the story (not that I want to hunt humans or be hunted by other humans for a reality TV show).

Movies, on the other hand, make me nervous.  I know they've made a movie out of Hunger Games and I'm a little lot worried.  Now that she has read the book, she can't wait for the movie to come out.  The problem is that the movie rarely lives up to the book.  (I would say never, but there are a couple of fantastic exceptions.)  Then, the crappy visual version is the one that sticks in my brain--forever tainting a marvelous story.

But the movie doesn't come out for a while.  I think I will go make myself a cup of cocoa and go read Little House.  Or maybe Hunger Games again.


  1. The Little House books are some of our very favorite books here. I read the entire series to my 4/5 year old and over a year later she still talks about them. I am still amazed at some of the things she learned from just having me read them to her. She loves to play Little House- we have four girls- Mary, Laura, Carrie, and baby Grace- so with Ma and Pa it works out perfectly. She keeps asking me to read them again, and we will, but I also want her to know other books. I'm really looking forward to seeing her read like your daughter- she's getting there.

  2. I can really relate to this! My oldest (10) has read all of Harry Potter starting at age 7 and the Hunger Games' first book just recently. I don't think we'll see the movie either. He agrees that most movies don't live up to the experience of reading the book.