Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Cutting Room Floor

Now is the Christmas Card time of year.  I am not sending out cards this year (I don't know how to address the loss of our baby and I can't leave it out so I am skipping the tradition altogether), but I hope that you will still send me your cards and letters.  There are some of you whose letters only outline the good things in your family and lives.  Since the less-than-perfect parts are often left out, we are left thinking that you are perfect--thus implying that we are not.  Well, not here at Messages From the MotherShip.  Here, I will tell you the grossest thing of all.

My daughter has worms.

I saw them.

I know.  I told you.  It is the grossest thing of all!  I have seen a lot of gross things, but I have never been so wigged out.

She goes to nursery at church where there are 16 children aged 18 months to 3 years.  They all share toys.  I have also been taking her to our local Fred Meyer play center.  She could have picked them up from one of those places--or from who knows where else because she bites her fingernails all of the time.

We all had to take the grody medicine.  Even though I just washed all of the bedding after we passed around the flu and strep throat, I am washing all of the bedding again.  Pinworms are sensitive to sunlight so there are cushions and other difficult to wash items strewn all over the yard.  I'll be washing down the house with Clorox, again.  Everyone has become obsessed with washing their hands.  One child who has been struggling to stop sucking her thumb is so grossed out by the possibility of getting worms that she has stopped.

And even though all of the literature emphasizes that having worms is not a sign of bad hygiene or poor house-keeping, everyone knows where those little buggers come from.  Let's just say, someone didn't wash their hands.

So, while you are reading those happy, everything is great, we are smart and talented and well-traveled Christmas letters, don't get too down in the dumps.  Remember, things like worms don't usually make the missives.


  1. Well, it's certainly fun at your house....

    I thought these little buggers could come from under-cooked meat and eggs and such, also from pets, infected water, etc.

    Though I suppose it could also come from the little walking, talking, petri farms....

    I understand that one of the symptoms is a uncontrollable desire to scoot around the floor

    Garlic is supposed to help keep 'em at bay and remove their toxic leftovers...

    But, hey! What a great time.

  2. Ha. Ha. Dad. I read about the garlic, too. Spicy foods and avocados are supposed help as well. We're supposed to wash our sheets every day for the next three weeks. Every surface in this house has been bleached, but it looks like it won't be the last time.

    Also, this is particular worm is not from pets or foods. The eggs last two to three weeks outside of the body so she could have contracted them from anywhere we've been for the past three weeks!! Blech.

  3. Yes, under cooked pork. I just watched a You-tube video of a mother who had a worm in her brain!

    Worms can be a great way to lose weight. A sister in my mission lost 30 lbs and she said she had never been more hungry in her life. All she could do was eat and she kept losing weight. What a dream. :)

  4. No fun at all. Sounds like your washer will be working overtime this holiday season.
    I will miss you Christmas card this year. It's not too late to reconsider???

  5. thank you for sharing the unvarnished truth! I love to know that I am not the only one that has thoughts and experiences that are not perfect. We haven't experienced worms but we have had several cases of lice over the years. What a pain. Merry Christmas to you!