Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nutcracker 2011

Am I smiling too big?  I couldn't help it.  

Over the weekend, Justin and I had the chance to watch our son dance.  He had three roles this year: Soldier Doll, Nutcracker Doll, and Russian Candy Cane.  He was phenominal.

 With his ballet instructor and mentor, Sergiu Brindusa.

It was so good to see him and again and to be reminded why we are making the sacrifice we are making.

After the performance, we were bombarded by dancers, their parents and audience members.  He made a splash, to say the least.  We had a pow-wow with his instructors and heard sentences like, We need to send a video to the Royal Ballet and He has a rare gift.

This "rare gift" is a life-changer.  You know, we had a plan!  While it makes me sad that our plan has changed, I think we have many amazing years ahead.

I couldn't copy the pictures here, but if any of you are interested, here is a link to the photography.  A still doesn't do justice to the movement, but you can get an idea.

Soldier Doll
Nutcracker Doll
Russian Candy Cane

Now, to keep his head small, today he will be cleaning toilets, picking up after the dog and otherwise engaged to be reminded that he is just one of the Sanders' kids.


  1. Congratulations! I hope you can share a video someday soon. Have a Merry Christmas together.

  2. One proud Mama, one happy young man, and many years of grand and wonderful adventures ahead!!!
    Love those pictures- WOW!

  3. is happening for him!!

  4. My girls and I went to the matinee performance and Issac was wonderful! I can believe how much he has improved since the last time I saw him dance.

  5. Oh brother,I bet you cried while you wrote this.

  6. And I guess he was OK,but I still think the best thing about ballet is music.(: