Monday, January 9, 2012

A Bit of Nothing

I feel like I should write.  I haven't written much in the past couple of weeks, though I've started posts, realized what I was writing was offensive and deleted it.  Humph.

The morning cuddle.

Winter has fizzled, which is great because our tires are bald.  But, also, it is not great because this brown, muddy business is not beautiful.

Whenever people say, "I've just found your blog!" or "I read your blog," I panic.  While I sincerely want you here, my mind instantly flashes to recent posts.  What did I write?  Would that have offended her?  Did I spell-check?  Are they going to notice my long lists of books on the sidebar and know that there is a mound of lint behind my dryer?

I'm sick of having a puppy.  I know, I know; several more months of this, but seriously!  Does he have to chew everything . . . in the front yard??  He has chew toys, he has chewing bones, but he would rather chew up plastic, paper, and foam.  Did I mention that all of this is done in the front yard?  Of my single-wide trailer?  I'm ready for him to be a dog.

Yesterday was my birthday and my people took good care of me.  My mother was making dinner and she told me she was making Navajo Tacos.  It's kind of like scones with taco fixings on top--a recipe she learned from the mother of a Navajo foster boy we had once.  It is delicious, except that my mom always puts lentils in the meat.  I hate lentils.  I had made up my mind to be a good sport and not say anything, even though it was my birthday.  Guess what!  My mom left out the lentils!  She loves me, I just know it!

She was also making my birthday cake and I really wanted an angel food cake, but I didn't want to be a pain so I didn't say anything.  Guess what!  Mom made angel food cake with strawberries on top.  Oh, I love her!

I want to be creative with the small things (embroidery, cute little paper things), but I can't FOCUS on those same, tiny movements over and over and over again.  If you ever get anything like that from me, know that the making of it is half of the gift.

I have been wearing the same bra every day for the past eighteen months.  It doesn't work anymore.

I have been called to a new position in the church and it has been a very rewarding experience.  I love my Heavenly Father and am grateful for the life-experiences He has offered.  It is not always easy to grow, but from my current vantage point, I can see how they have all helped me grow closer to Him and become a better tool in His hands.

There is a new boy dancing at the academy where my son dances.  He wanted to learn to dance after seeing Isaac in the Nutcracker.

I recently read my architect's entire blog.  I want to dig a big hole in my back yard just to get started building!  Maybe by the time I dig the whole foundation by hand, we'll be able to start.

My husband wants to learn how to use a Ham radio.  He has few hobbies and I really think I should support and encourage this one.  But, it probably means there will be a huge, ridiculous antennae in my garden.

And that is all.  Am I out of words?


  1. I got caught up on your blog this morning. There are a few reasons why I like to read it. 1. It helps me get to know this fascinating and incredible woman who has moved into the ward. 2. You say many of the things that I have thought before but was too afraid to say it out loud or in writing. 3. You have fun ideas of things to do with family. 4. You are honest.

    Just so you don't feel alone, you should know A. I have been called a religious fanatic by people who belong to the same church as me, as well as people who are active in their own faith. B. I've been told that I am a failure of a parent by people who then in the same breath tell me that my children are wonderful people. C. People judge my intelligence inversely proportionate to the number of children I am raising all the time and then are surprised when they learn I am intelligent and capable and successful. D. I love to be super nice to people who are being critical of me or my family just to watch them squirm. (Ask me about Costco) E. I think you are very brave. F. I've come to learn that sometimes people say they "wouldn't" do something when really they mean they "couldn't"! G. The people who don't agree with something we do are not in our room when we are on our knees talking to Heavenly Father. It is not their answers I am listening for nor their way I am trying to follow. At the end of the day I want my husband and family to be happy and for my God to be proud of me. Nothing else matters.

  2. Happy (2 days late) Birthday, Emily!!

  3. I've been wondering what was going on- you've been kind of quiet. I love your random thoughts posts.

    Not that you don't already know, but you have an awesome Mom! Glad she was there for your birthday.

    That is awesome that another boy joined ballet because he saw your son dance- what a compliment!

    Ham radio will be very useful in a large scale emergency when other lines of communication are down- good hobby!

    I love the picture of you and your daughter- you are both beautiful!

    And I really like Jen- she sounds awesome!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only person to wear the same bra everyday for much too long. While reflecting on this, I realized I have purchased two bras in the six years I've been married. Gross I know. In my defense, my mom and niece have each given me a hand-me-down bra. Still gross?