Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't Be Fooled

Generally, I like Newt.  Maybe not all of his ideas are great, but at least he has ideas.  However, I have a beef with precisely the thing his supporters are praising.

A few days ago, his second wife gave an interview with a news outlet.  She said many salacious things and all were timed to derail Newt's campaign.  I won't give total credence to the comments of a disgruntled ex.  One fact, however, is certain:  Newt is an adulterer.  And it was not just once, though that is enough to deserve the title.

Soon after the interview, there was a debate.  The moderator asked Newt if he would like to address the topic.  What he said may have been thought politically slick smart, but I'm afraid I saw right through his fiery response.  Here is the clip, if you care to watch.

So what is my beef?

It was not the moderator's fault that Newt committed adultery.  It is not the moderator's fault that Newt is running on a "family values" platform.

It is Newt's fault.

Maybe the media should stay out of the private life of politicians (I do partially agree with that).

Maybe the presidential debates should contain more of the issues of the state (I think the disintegration of the family is our most important national issue).

Maybe if more of the good people Newt claims won't run for office because of the blood-thirsty media really led the lives they claim to live, they couldn't be caught in scandals (I do believe our leaders should be held to a higher standard than the general population--at least up to the standards I have for myself).

Do people make mistakes?  Yes.  Is there such a thing as repentance?  Yes.  Do we still have to deal with the consequences of our sins even after we repent of them?  Yes.

Dear Mr. Gingrich,

Do not blame the consequences of your actions on someone else.


A Voter


  1. I totally agree Emily. Sometimes I am probably too much of a social conservative- where most of my voting decisions revolve around which candidate will stand for morality the most. Silly me to think that morally wrong behavior has a negative effect on the country and can rob needed blessings and God's protection. Silly me. I read too often, if ye keep my commandments you shall prosper in the land...

    sounds pretty important to me- Newt should have said at the debate "I'm sorry, yes it is true, I am trying to put that all behind me." Instead of his bull crap excuses. NOT A FAN OF NEWT!!!!

  2. Newt's ego equals Obama's second term. The man can't shut up, can't lead and can't win in November.