Monday, January 2, 2012

Have You Sponsored a Male Ballet Dancer Before?

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to present a guest post from our boy.  We are getting right down to it and our numbers do not add up.  If you would like to help him out, it would mean so much.  There is a donation tab in the upper left sidebar.

Not my son.  Not yet.

To the Public, 
From The MotherShip's Son

I hope you all had a good time over the holidays and enjoyed the nice long break.

Dance is a healthy thing to do--although it brings its injuries and pains.  Dance has so many nice things about it for me personally; so many joys and surprises. Ballet is FUN.  It has jumps and spins, especially during the Russian dance in the Nutcracker. But then there is the more artistic side of it, the partnering, adagio and is pretty to watch. I love ballet for the calming barre in the beginning, I love ballet for it’s huge jumps and all types of pirouettes. I love ballet for the friendly competition between me and other dancers. I love it for the fun and challenging teachers and coaches. I love the long 5-6 hours of staying in the stinky, stuffy classroom. Ballet is my passion, it’s my soul-mate/wife/girlfriend.  (Emily here: ha ha ha!  Great girlfriend for a twelve year old, eh?)

As a ballet dancer, competitions and performances come up. They can be expensive when the final price is set upon you. In February, I will be attending an international ballet competition in Denver, Colorado.  It is called Youth American Grande Prix. The opportunities in this competition would be great for any dancer, but especially for me as it will be my competitive debut. I will be performing two variations: Giselle Peasant Male Variation and Satenella Male Variation. Both of these are classical and contain no modern or contemporary choreography.

This competition is a BIG deal and can influence my future as a professional ballet dancer.  I will have judges from many big schools. If they notice me, I could have an opportunity to travel to New York City for finals. If not, they may still take notice for the potential I have for the future. If I go again next year, they will most likely recognize me and then give me serious attention when I dance.

I am not saying these things to boast, I am simply being aware of what my talents are and what I enjoy doing. It would be a great career to have.

This wonderful new year, I want to ask for donations to assist me in this great opportunity.  Not out of charity, but to be able to help me in this life changing experience.

Thank you SO much, and if you just can’t donate, think of what I wrote as a real understanding for a ballet dancer’s life.

Isaac Sanders


  1. The ONLY good thing about my husband being deployed this year is the significant extra pay we get for it. So, in addition to paying some things off and building up our savings, it also gives me the freedom to occasionally support something I normally wouldn't be able to. I know it's not much at all, but hopefully lots of other people will be able to give a little bit, too, and it'll add up to enough.

    Mothership's Son-- I admire your dedication to something you love. I think it's great that you're willing to put in the hours and hard work it requires (on top of school work!). I hope you get to go to Denver, and I hope you then get to go to New York. Good luck!

  2. Wow- I'm so impressed with your letter! I'm impressed with your dancing too! I wish you the very best! I'm not sure if we can help out right now (the joys of home ownership-we have a few repairs we have to take care of) but I'll see what we can do. All the best to you!

  3. Good luck! I hope the competition goes well for you.

  4. Emily, my parents live in Denver. If you or your son need a place to stay please let me know. I would love for them to meet you. Contact me on facebook. Elizabeth Gray Thompson