Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Naughty, Funny Three

On her first day of Primary.
This child is currently making me crazy and delighting my soul.  What is it about the age of three that they can accomplish such a seemingly opposing feats?  She is a flurry of destruction:  If I've just carefully placed the books on their shelf with the spines flush, she will hurry over and toss the books haphazardly over her shoulder.  "Hmmm, not this one, not this one . . ."

If I give her a pile of folded socks to put away, she will undo all the sock balls and put them on to make a beefy layered cotton boot.  With her eyes rolled back, she sighs, "Oh, I these are so soft!"

Yesterday, she fell while doing something she shouldn't have been doing and was crying the hold-your-breath cry.  I ran to her and picked her up telling her quietly, "Breathe, honey.  You are turning blue."  Once she got control of herself, she opened her eyes really wide, trying to see around the tears, to inspect her hands.  "I'm not blue!"  Then, she laughed and laughed while the tears of hurt turned to tears of delight.

I don't know the mind of the Lord and she may be my last child.  She comes in to my bed during the night just about every night and it makes me so happy.  I love her warm, soft skin and the way she sandwiches her cold behind into my lower back.  I love her waking up in the morning with her cooing, "G'morning, mama."  I  know I can't let her get away with bad behavior, but I also know that I can't get too uptight about things that she'll grow out of.  She will eventually be four and many of the naughty things that make me pull out my hair now are things that I will miss.

When I am someday coloring with a box of unbroken crayons, I will long for my little trouble-maker to come and break them in two.


  1. I have a three year old too- and you are so right!!! Today she was driving me crazy while I was trying to get something done on the computer and then I turned to look at her- she was right in my face staring at me with these amazingly beautiful eyes and for a brief moment I saw into her soul and fell in love all over again! She is my daily parental challenge, but life would be so empty without her! And she LOVES to break the crayons in two!

  2. I like this post because it reminds me of my Cannon Boy. He has worked me over like none of my other children, but I find him to be so charming and I just want to hug him all the time. Three has got to be the best age!