Saturday, January 14, 2012

Someday House Game Room

I have lately been thinking about our Someday House Game Room and thought I would share my ideas with you.  

There has been an insurgence of Home Theaters in the past few years.  They usually have a huge TV (or projector), a popcorn machine, and rows of chairs--on risers.  Like this:

I am tempted by such a room.  It would be super cool to have such a set-up.  Seating would be comfortable, everyone would be able to see, and the audio/visual would be fantastic.  The problem with such a room is its lack of versatility.  You would use it to watch movies.  Period.  There isn't enough room in front of the chairs to play video games, you can't easily rearrange furniture for some other activity and you probably wouldn't even end up watch "regular" television in here because you wouldn't want to use up expensive projector bulb time.  So, I have decided to branch out.

Our game room would have two distinct areas:  TV and Gaming.

First, the viewing area.  I don't really know anything about televisions, so I'm not super passionate about what kind of this or that to buy.  I know I'd like a good sound system (but not a million dollar system), a rather large screen, and plentiful, comfortable seating.  I also want the windows to be carefully placed so we aren't fighting the glare, since summer afternoons are the best time to sit in the cool basement to watch a movie.  

As for seating, the stadium seats aren't the best idea for our family.  I think I'd go with something like this:

or this:

Room to lay down and cuddle up or sufficient space for many behinds.  I especially love the round, though I'd take out a couple of those sections so we could "Just Dance" in front of it.  

The other side of the room would house one of these:
because I can't play pool, foosball, or air hockey.  We would get (make) a folding version so we could do other things with that space--tape out hopscotch or spread out Twister, for example.  

We love board games and card games, but the kitchen table isn't always the best place to play.  A square table is usually best so I'd go with card tables.  BUT, card tables aren't quite big enough.  If you have your Monopoly board spread out, there is barely room for your money and forget trying to spread out your properties for easy viewing.  I would custom make card tables that add about four inches to each side.  Two of them, so if we wanted to play a game involving more than four people, we could push the tables together and lay down a felt tablecloth to cover the crack between.

How about storage for those scores of games and movies and blankets?

I propose two closets that are the size of mini-pantries.  Double doors open up to carefully placed shelves.  The most important feature?  These closets will be locked.

Carpeted floor.  NO wet bar, though the popcorn machine (or better yet, a microwave with a case of popcorn next to it) would be welcome.  Most of the room will be bright and fun, but the viewing  area will be a darker corner.

What else?  What would you have in your basement game room?


  1. We spent the day looking at rentals in the greater Salt Lake area (we're planning to move at the end of the month)- a game room sounds awesome, but right now I'm just hoping for three decent bedrooms, a family room, and kitchen with enough space to accomodate my table with 4 children seated around it! Oh- and for a reasonable price!

    Your game room sounds awesome!

  2. We try to keep most of the toys downstairs too. I have a craft corner, so I can be sewing while the kids play. I can also leave my machine and projects out and it doesn't interrupt family life. We are lucky to have a basement with 2 areas, so our "library" and "tv" spot share a room (with no windows) and our
    play/craft/laundry area is in the daylight part of the basement.

  3. Oooh, Kayla. Good idea. I might have to sneak a sewing corner in there somewhere. Maybe if it is not its own separate room it won't become the catch-all like most sewing rooms I've seen!