Friday, January 20, 2012


I can't give you details.  Too many people read my blog (namely, my children) and it is meant to be a surprise.  But, I can tell you a bit without giving it away.  

We are doing a spy thing in Primary for the next few months.  We wanted to have our bulletin board reflect the activity.  Since it involves all of our Primary Children, we decided to take pictures of them spying.

Don't worry, it doesn't involve being a creepy spy!  It is church, after all!  I had a small pile of props and told the children to use them and to pose like they thought a spy would pose.  I really want to show you all of the children, but I didn't ask anyone's parents.  SO, I am showing you mine!  The kids were very inventive and the pictures turned out so cute.

Wouldn't you love to be caught choosing the right by these little spies?


  1. Your children are soooo adorable! Love the photos- sound like a fun project!

  2. That looks fun. Especially as I sit here this morning working on sharing time!