Friday, January 27, 2012

Still Happy Home Schooling

We were a lot late getting started with school after Christmas Vacation.  I have some good excuses, but the long and short of it is that I just didn't get it done.  One night, after I finally felt like I had my feet back under me, I proclaimed to the girls, "We are having school tomorrow!"

They cheered.

Preschool Cutting Practice

Sometimes I get really sick of teaching my kids.  There are some days when they do not want to learn.  There are days when the pressure from some people outside of my home feels too great.  There are days when I want to have only one child at home and let someone else take care of educating the older ones.  There are days when I would like my house to stay clean for a few minutes together.  Public school sounds really nice on those days.

But then, something will happen that will remind me how lucky I am (and how lucky the kids are) that I home school my children.

A few days ago, I was talking with the mother of an eight year old boy.  He hates to read.  He hates school. He fights homework.  He grumbles about everything school-related except recess.  Once you account for riding the bus, sitting at his desk, doing his homework, eating, and completing his required at-home reading, he has precious little time to play.  Why don't we let our children play anymore?  Isn't that one of the great benefits of our age?

The "big" girls were at the table, too, but the house behind them was too messy to show their picture.

Our one-room school leaves plenty of time to play--the whole afternoon, in fact.  (Of course they have their family work as well.)  So, even if we do someday opt for public education, I am glad that my children get to have the best of both worlds right now.

And I'm still happy to be home schooling so they can play.


  1. You, Bets and other incredible moms are leading a revolution that will change America for the better........and our kids (and their kids, and their kids, etc) will benefit from your courage and determination!!

    Thank you......amazing home schooling mothers out there!!!!

  2. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one getting a late start. :) I have a good excuse too, we're moving! Packing the house has to happen by a certain date, but I'm certain we can catch up on what we've missed and still have time to play.

    Anyone know what the laws for homeschooling are in Utah?

  3. It often takes Elinor all day long to get her school work done because she is still so interested in playing. It used to be like that for Clark and Bethany too, but now they quickly get their work done. Elinor will someday lose interest in so much playing. It's still okay for her now.