Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sucking Saga

Sometimes I feel like the only thing I write on here are my confessions.  Whelp, you know I'm not perfect, so why try to disguise the fact?

Today, I will tell you the story of the vacuum.

We had been married about three weeks when we knew it was time for a vacuum cleaner.  We went to Sears with the budgeted money in our pockets and began testing out vacuum cleaners.  We hefted and handled, read and asked questions.  We even vacuumed up a trail of rice that the sales lady spread out for us.  (This, parenthetically is why I shop at Sears for as many appliances as possible: they actually have a knowledgeable staff.)  We narrowed it down to two options.  The winner was chosen because it was blue and the other was brown.  Who wants to look at a brown vacuum cleaner every day--at least once per day--for the next many years?

We were the proud owners of a vacuum cleaner. The first appliance purchase made as a married couple.  It was a good'un.

About twelve years later, the handle broke.  My son duct taped it back together and it kept plugging along.

Finally, as we my friends were moving us out of the house, the dear thing finally bit the dust (look at me being accidentally funny!).  After nearly fourteen years of dedicated service, it was left by the garbage can as we pulled away.

Fast forward a couple of months.  We finally moved into our new house and I began vacuum shopping.  I am a researcher by nature, so I read Consumer Reports and every vacuum review on the internet.  I determined an acceptable budget and presented my findings to my husband.  

No go.  We were out of money.  

My sister-in-law (Hi, Lindsey!) gave me her old vacuum.  She warned that it wasn't anything fancy, but it would basically get the job done.  Fine with me.  She also warned me that the belt needed to be replaced.  No problem, right?

Over the next several weeks, my husband and I checked Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, Shopko, Target, Fred Meyer, and Kohls.  We could not find a replacement belt.  Meanwhile, we were vacuuming the whole stinking place with the hose.  The job was frustrating, time consuming and woefully inadequate.

Today, I had had enough and I went shopping.  I repeated my research with a much smaller budget in mind and determined to keep wearing this bra for another 18 months--and any other financial sacrifice that was required--to find the cash to pay for it.  I even had the vacuum cleaner in the virtual shopping cart.

Then, I realized I had never searched online for the replacement belt.  Duh, right?  Don't make fun of me.  

$5.99 later, TWO new belts are on their way and for the first time in six months, my floors will receive a thorough vacuuming.

The End


  1. YEAH!!!!! Does this mean you get a new bra?? You need one- seriously! Maybe for Valentine's Day?

  2. (in the tone of Guy from Galaxy Quest) May you could have fashioned a rudimentary belt from your bra straps, and thus been able to buy a new one and save the vacuum as well!

  3. Funny story. We bought a Shark Navigator Lift-away online a few months ago. Great vacuum for a good price (when those belts wear out!)