Friday, February 3, 2012

Disneyland Food

Today I am thinking about food; specifically, Disneyland Food.  I don't want to super-schedule our vacation, but I do want to make sure we don't miss a Don't Miss.  Also, some of these places require reservations.

One of the things I am discovering is that Disney doesn't do anything half-way.  They aren't going to have a tidy park, they are going to have a spotless park.  They aren't going to have nice rides, they are going to have amazing rides.  They aren't going to have good food, they are going to have supreme food.  We aren't talking about Denny's chefs here.  We are talking about the best.

And I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

In no particular order, this is what is on my list so far.

The Monte Cristo Sandwich from Blue Bayou.  I know this is an expensive restaurant, but it is one of my favorite memories.  Being from a northern most point of a western most state makes the deep south environment very exotic.

The turkey leg.  I don't know what is so amazing about it, but it is on everyone's list.

Apparently there are some massive corn dogs from this little truck that are not to be missed.  Since I love crappy corn dogs from Zips, you know I'm getting one of these!

Since my mother is a true gem and because she wants the kids to have the experience, she is buying the family a character breakfast.  Can I just say that I am super excited for this?  We are not just going to Disneyland for the children!!

More for the entertainment than the food, we've been told to dine at The Golden Horseshoe.  

Though, the  chocolate cake is supposedly delicious and gigantic.

Another "experience" dinner will be the Rainforest Cafe.  
*Update:  In wondering what to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, I did a Google search.  It seems that the consensus of the internetted peeps is that it is a Do Miss.  Apparently, the place is great, but the food is overpriced AND crappy.  Anyone have a comment about that?

Of course, you can't go to the Tiki Room without getting a Pineapple Whip.

One of the things we are going to try is the Picnic for the Color of the World show.  You buy this picnic dinner and it comes with fast passes to the show.  Anytime I can save waiting in line, I'll do it.  The dinners look pretty good, too.

I'm sure we'll share churro or two and probably one of those cream cheese pretzels because they are so Disneyland.

What else?  What do we need to make sure we don't miss?


  1. I've got no advice for Disneyland food, but your mention of the Rainforest Cafe reminded me of the time we ate at the one in Vegas. My daughter spent the whole time talking to the fake animals on the walls. At one point she said, "Oh leopard!" as though the stuffed leopard had just said something witty.

  2. I've only been to D-land once and we ate bologna sandwiches from a cooler in the RV parking lot! As for the place that isn't very good and overpriced, go for a snack during an off-peak eating time and order an appetizer to share!

  3. We went to RainForest Cafe at Disneyland and while the food was not fabulous and way overpriced the atmosphere was very fun. Reservations are defintitely needed. You could go there just for dessert. That is actually one of our favorite memories. They make a brownie over cake dessert with chocolate sauce drizzling down and a fun sparkler stick thingie on top. When they bring it out all the servers shout out "Volcano". Since we have been back home we will periodically make that as a family dessert (although ours is about 10 times bigger than the restaurants in order to feed our family of 9.) We all sit a gobble huge bites of gooey chocolaty goodness. Yum!

    The food is very expensive at Disneyland. We went for about a week and found that it worked great to eat big at Breakfast (at the big free breakfast buffet that came with our hotel) and have snacks for lunch. Sometimes we would grab apples at the breakfast buffet and take them along for lunch. Then we were only paying for one meal a day at dinner. We tried out the pretty close Red Robin and Outback and then a Taco place one night. Then at the end of the week, after getting a bit tired of eating out food, we got some spaghetti making ingredients and made that for dinner in our small kitchenette that came with the room. Good times, good food.

    We did try a few foods at Disneyland but the only one I remember being really good was the Pinneapple Whip at the tiki room.

  4. I live off those pineapple whips whenever we go! Love them. We did the character breakfast the last time we went, and it was a hit. The food was good, but the experience was awesome! Q still talks about it.

    In California Adventure there is a soup/salad/bakery place that is pretty good. That is where I usually eat when I stay in the park during meals.

  5. I think the sandwiches at Blue Bayou are only on the lunch menu, but you can check their menu online. I love the chowder bread bowls and they aren't a bad price (big serving and about $8). We usually try to do breakfast at our hotel, take something for lunch and snacks and then get an early dinner at Disneyland or Downtown Disney. That way you can also get some of the snacks you mentioned. They just recently got the turkey legs(I don't know if they had them last time we were there) but I've always heard raves about them from Disney world. As far as rainforest goes, we like it there, but it isn't unique to Disneyland, you can find them everywhere so I don't know that I'd blow my budget there. There are also some restaurants across the street from Disney like IHOP or Mimi's. Also check out the restaurants in the Disney hotels, we've gotten good, not badly priced meals there. We just discovered the Golden Horseshoe place last time we were there. It's a great retreat at the park. Enjoy! I can't wait to go back. Hopefully this fall.

  6. I was just reading on someone else's blog that if you ask for a gluten free waffle at the character breakfast they give you fresh ones rather than the ones that have been under the heat lamps. Though they didn't say if they were any good. I've never had gluten free stuff.

  7. I loved the Mickey ice creams - shaped lilke Mickey's ears & very delicious. We ate the turkey legs - shared each of them between a few of us & they were a great high protein snack. The character breakfast? The highlight of our trip & the most fun we had the entire time.

  8. I don't know if you are still planning on camping out instead of staying in a hotel/motel but he food in particular is sooo extremely overpriced in Disneyland that you are better off booking a nice, affordable hotel that includes a breakfast buffet and eating all your meals outside Disneyland. Ask yourself, "how much will I spend on one meal for my family inside the park" then compare those deals on hotwire/expedia including breakfast. Don't knock the Disneyland entrance Denny's till you try it. You'd be surprised how good their food is, and right smack across the street. Not like the Denny's here in our town. :) Also, we enjoy the Marri's Pizza place close by and to go on the super cheap--Del Taco of course. We shop at a nearby grocery store so we have plenty of favorite snacks for inside the park. I know you are feeling sentimental but my kids never remember the food they missed out on.

  9. OH yeah....and Mimi's Cafe's pretty good too. Lots of homemade rolls and muffins free with your meal. Yum!

  10. We tried the Rainforest Cafe once, for my birthday. The atmosphere - the "rain storms" every half hour and various stuffed animals and sounds seemed a bit cheesy and anti-climactic after being at Disneyland all day. The food was just o.k., and it cost us 75.00 for our family to eat. That was just for me and Trent and three cheesy kids meals. It is an experience though...... I'm so excited for your trip!! It has been fun to read about your plans!!