Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Field Trip

Denver Botanical Garden's Greenhouse
On the first day of the competition, we were instructed to not sit around all morning waiting to go to the theater.  I had done a bit of research before going to Denver and discovered that the Botanical Garden was something I was interested in seeing.  It seemed like a good activity--it would keep Isaac's body moving without tiring him and it would keep him from stewing over the events of the afternoon and evening.  

We walked in and discovered a magnificent rain forest . . . over 5000 feet above sea level.  I loved the warm, comfortable air.  And the gardens?  Well, the gardens were fantastic.

There is nothing more rejuvenating than brilliant, living color in the middle of a snowy February.

Crazy giraffe tree.
These flowers reminded me of those fiber-optic lights.

While I was totally caught up in the beauty of these glorious gardens, my son was doing this.

Yes.  Texting. Constantly. "Isaac!  Look around you!"

I took away his phone.  
Then I got this:

 Anyone who has a dancer in their house knows what this next picture is about.  For him, there is no time when dancing isn't a good idea.

Even though we visited during the dead of winter, the outdoor gardens were beautiful, too.

I could look at stuff like this all day.  That is some careful planning to make a garden this beautiful in February.

Oh, look.  A long, empty pathway.  Must leap.

All the way.  It is kind of like when your toddler runs toward your outstretched arms, except you have to watch out for feet on level with your face. 

I love my kid.

And I loved going to these gardens with him.  

I love the gray-green of the palm and the contrasting textures.
Look at the maze of shapes and textures in this one shot.

Though I don't know how we will make it through the texting.  

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  1. What a fun morning! The pictures are gorgeous!

    Though I can see some good uses for texting, it mostly drives me crazy. Last week my husband and I were getting in bed when someone texted him. They continued to have a text conversation for about 20 minutes. The annoying part was that he was also having a conversation with me that kept getting interrupted. I told him to just call the guy- it would take half as long to have the conversation if they were just talking to each other rather than typing- but he hates to talk to strangers, so he kept texting. BLAH!