Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Fun" Without Dad

My husband's (second-to-last) intern rotation is not super close to home.  The drive from our house is over an hour, whereas it is just under 30 minutes from his parent's house.  The drive stinks, yes, but mostly it is the price of gas that helped us make the decision for him to live with his parents during the week.  He leaves early Monday morning and comes home Friday night.  (He also works every Saturday so we don't see him a whole lot right now.)  It hasn't been too bad, though by Thursday everyone is missing Dad like crazy.

One of the weirder side-effects of not having Dad around is that it screws up our schedule.  Even when he was going to class every day, I knew when to expect him for dinner.  We had made that a top priority.  He always had to continue studying after dinner, but we knew that we had Dad for at least an hour every evening.  That also meant that I had to be fairly punctual with dinner.

The last few weeks have changed that responsibility a bit.  We'll have dinner at 4:30 or 8, depending on whether the lid to the crock-pot was inadvertently left off what we're doing and when we're hungry.  We're also eating things that I would never feed my family if we were having a normal dinner.  Last night, for instance, I bought everyone a microwave dinner.  It took about 20 minutes to prepare all of them which wasn't exactly a time saver.  The proportions were super small--just right for the three year old, but no where near enough for the rest of us.  We decided to try out six different dinners; only one of them was worth the 88 cents I paid.  We picked up a clearance wii game and had today's version of Howdy Doody family time.

Well, it is fun every once in a while.

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  1. I hope it's over soon!!! Our easiest dinner - Ramen noodles - I throw away the seasoning packets (Headache) & poor boiling water over frozen mixed vegetables (peas carrots corn beans) & the noodles. Dinner is very fast, healthy enough & the kids like it.