Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me and the Phone--My Inner Demons

I'm weird about the phone.  Always have been.  When I left home for college, I couldn't order a pizza over the phone.  (Too much pressure to come up with the topping and the crust and the deal all at once.)  I am much better, cured even, regarding that kind of phone usage.  Heaven knows I can talk to my grandma, mom or sister for well past the point of my ear feeling funny or, in the case of talking while folding laundry or washing dishes, until my neck starts having spasms of I-can't-hold-this-position-for-one-more-minute.

I don't have a cell phone.  I don't have Caller ID or even Call Waiting, for that matter.  Frankly, I don't like being that available.  But, it is also because I'm weird about the phone.

It's not that I don't like to talk to people.  I am always the last person out of church on Sunday and the one still visiting ten minutes after I've given the five minute warning to my children.  I would say that I am a social person.

But if I need to call someone for a real reason, I put it off.  I have no great reason.  I know making the call will release some of the tension on my shoulders.  I know that making the call will result in an answered question or a duty delegated.

Today, I had a bunch of phone calls to make.  Some of them I had put off for a while--I kept finding excuses not to make the calls.  I planned out the perfect time.  I couldn't call between 3 and 5 because some people were at work and others were helping with homework and making dinner.  I couldn't call between 5 and 6 because that is dinner time.  9 is too late.

7 PM on a Thursday night.  You can't pick a better time.  I made a date with myself and grit (gritted?) my teeth.  I began dialing.

Out of my list of calls, only one person was home.  Do you know what this means?  It means I have to battle my weirdness AGAIN and do this AGAIN.  Since I put if off until Thursday, that means tomorrow is Friday and no one will be home at 7 PM because they will all be out on the town.  The after school time and dinner time is still out.  What shall I do?

Email.  That is the answer.  Email will save me.  Right?  (In a small, hesitant voice.)  Unless I don't have their address.  Or they don't respond to emails.

Oh, fine.  I'll try again.


  1. You could have Pod 4 call for you. That girl is always on the phone.

  2. Haha, Emily, this post made me laugh. I love to talk (even on the phone) but I find that I'm always waiting for the best time to call and it never comes. Usually I'm waiting till a quiet moment but with four little ones that rarely happens. When it does it's usually too late. I did learn a great trick that I remember to use once in a while. I found that if I start the conversation with, "is this a good time for you to talk?" or something like that I can either make it a quick to the point call or plan a better time to call back. Good luck with your calls!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I'm even funny about calling anyone but my Mom (thank goodness for text messaging :) ).