Monday, February 6, 2012

Vacation Eating

Based on the comments on my last post and the person-to-person comments based on my last post, I felt I should clarify our dining plans.

While in Anaheim, our hotel (within easy walking distance--so no parking fees) has a microwave and small fridge.  Before we check in, we will hit the grocery store and fill 'er up.  My dear friend, who also has five children, goes to the park annually.  She gave me some great tips.  One point she made was that it is hard enough to get everyone up, dressed, hair fixed and teeth brushed.  If you had to enter a hot breakfast in the lobby into the schedule, forget getting to the gates when they open.  She suggested doing easy, cold breakfasts in the room (bagels, yogurt, juice) that the girls could eat while I'm fixing their hair.

Our hotel has a small continental breakfast, but many of the items are prepackaged.  We'll stuff some apples, granola bars and Little Debbie snacks into our bags as we walk out the door.

One suggestion for consideration is a fanny pack.  She said to get everyone a fanny pack to keep a water bottle and snacks.  A fanny pack wouldn't fall off on the rides and it wouldn't get squashed every time you leaned back.  BUT, I would have to wear a fanny pack.

Another tip was to go back to the hotel in the early afternoon.  Go to the hotel for lunch (we could just do peanut butter, but we could also have microwaved fare--burritos, baked potatoes).  Then, the small ones take a nap and the parents take turns swimming with the older kids.  If we are getting up early, moving constantly during the day, and going to bed late, we will be exhausted.  Taking a short timeout each afternoon just sounds rejuvenating.

AT the park, we will share a few special treats--like the turkey leg and churros--and we will eat dinner.  The one exception will be the Character Breakfast.  That day, we will eat two meals in the park.

So there you have it.  I think some of you were concerned that we would be spending as much on food as we would be on tickets.  I hope your fears are assuaged.

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  1. I think your food plans sound good. When we went this last fall, we ate the breakfast at the hotel, took apples, etc from the breakfast for snacks during the day, and we made peanut butter and jelly (jelly-also from the hotel breakfast) sandwiches to take to the park for lunch. Then we had dinner out. And since we have smallish kids, we're able to order a couple entrees and split them. So it wasn't terribly expensive. We did one of the character dining things for dinner our first night.....the kids loved it, especially Kamryn. If you happen to try the pineapple ice cream from the Tiki Room and the Monte Cristo from the Bayou place...I may or may not want to hear about it. Those were the two things I thought I would love, but the Tiki room lines for the ice cream were always super long and we never went to the Bayou place. So, if you try them and they are not so good, you could tell me....but if they're more than can keep your happy mouth shut.