Friday, March 30, 2012

Backyard Playground

Living in a mountain meadow has gotten into my system.  It is the most soothing environment--no matter the weather.  Even a crazy, tree-whipping wind storm can be relaxing, provided I have either a good coat or secure walls!  The house we are planning will be at home in the landscape with warm, earthen colors and natural materials.  The playground, therefore, cannot be

shiny metal,

primary colors,

Great for a more urban setting.

or overly gargantuan.


I've been searching the web for ideas on how to make a more organic playground.  Just having a big, beautiful garden will do for most of the play, but children love to climb, jump, swing and dig and I want to provide areas for those things.

A waterless stream bed with stepping stones and a wooden bridge.

This has a sunken garden feel.  It is set a little lower, uses natural materials and
takes advantage of the mature trees overhead.

While I'm not sure what it will connect--probably some kind of tree house--
I'd love to have a rope bridge.

Of course, a tree swing.
I'm still searching out ways to have water without having to worry about kids drowning,
but I did like this idea.  Waterfall steps with a shallow pebble bed below.
Good splashing time for a hot day.
Though this doesn't officially qualify as being part of a playground,
I will have a few fairy houses dotting the property.
Imagination is a great playmate, too.
Sand doesn't have to be in a box.

And, finally, a vegetation tepee. 
I have a few more ideas, like a rope for climbing, miniature (and maybe secret) "doors" and at least one look-out.  Wouldn't you want to play here?  

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