Friday, March 9, 2012

A Child with the Camera

The other day, we were all in need of spring glowers and the smell of dirt.  My sister and I gathered up our children and met at the local greenhouse.  Greenhouses, see, specialize in flowers and dirt.

My daughter begged to big in charge of preserving our digital memory.

I finally downloaded the pictures and found her perspective of the day.

Baby Oranges!
Oh, No!  She has the camera!  or maybe it was Oh, My Gosh!  She has the camera!  YES!
10 Year Old's Model Pose Interpretation
Mmmmmm.  Smells so good.  And they are as big as my head!
Can't help it.  My leg just pops up when I'm looking too closely at the flowers.
When we went outside, she found some holy ducks.

At least they looked holy because they were walking on water.

There are a few more and overall, she took some pretty great pictures.  It was fun to see the outing from her perspective.  I'm going to have to hand over the camera more often.

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