Saturday, March 17, 2012

Idyllic Life Contest Winner

Earlier today, someone on Facebook asked what we were doing today.  He had had surgery and was stuck on the couch and wanted to live vicariously for a while.  All of his other friends who commented either said "working" or something inane ("whiskey and whores" or "Sex and the City").  I shook my head sadly and then thought, Well, he asked.  I'm going to tell him.  I gave him a simple outline; I'll flesh it out a bit more for you.
Three years ago, on another idyllic day.
This morning marked the beginning of having my husband back home full time (after a six week stint of away during the week, home on Sunday).  We cuddled and visited until he finally had to leave at the relatively late hour of 8:30.

After he left, I crawled out of my bed to a beautifully March-y day.  The rain came down all day--gently at times and crazy loud at others (remember, I live in a tin can).  It livened all of the colors of my meadow and the pine trees and made everything smell so good.

I needed to make bread today anyway, so I dyed the dough green and made "shamrock" rolls instead.  The girls did a little school work to catch up on lost days.  I washed a sink full of dishes and kept the laundry rotating (final load count for the day:  Seven).  Wanting a dessert and knowing I had plenty of baking cocoa, I made chocolate-mint sandwich cookies.  They were amazing!!  While I was doing my work, James Taylor sang me quiet love songs.

After getting everyone dressed in something green, with faces washed and shoes tied, we piled in the van to run a few errands.  The fog was hanging low and the world around us looked scrubbed and ready for spring.  Upon returning home, my girls competed in a head-stand contest and I broke out my new book (The Last of the Mohicans).

My husband's day ended early and he was home before 5.  Dinner was delicious and he and I had a few minutes together while the girls tried to build Hogwarts out of popsicle sticks.

There was a pink paint disaster and there were behinds and noses to wipe.  There were a few tears, but nothing bigger than the normal sisters-learning-how-to-communicate and a three year old learning to stay dressed.  Those things are trifles.

I'm glad the request was posted on Facebook because it made me look around and appreciate my idyllic life.  No, everything is not perfect and yes, we have problems.  But, really,

I won the lottery.

Our Tin Can

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