Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Do

We are in financial straits...again...but my husband gets paid tomorrow so we will survive...again.  (Can I just say that I am sick. of. this. without sounding like I am complaining about my super great and very blessed life?)  This means I will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen today because cheap foods are not usually quick foods.  You have to roast, let rise, and slow-cook cheap foods.  (It also means a lot of dishes.)  Which is fine because it is another very snowy day here in the mountains.  But it also means that I am daydreaming...again.

Today, while I am chopping and kneading and washing,  I keep thinking of this photo:

I think I am in lust.

I love the arch, the inviting window at the end of the room, the stairs overhead, the separation between entry and living.  I imagine double doors on the right that lead to the library.  I imagine my computer nook tucked into the other side.  I imagine warmer colors (like Bag End) because, let's face it, white isn't going to cut it in my house.  

Bag End

It always amazes me how one picture can captivate my imagination for such a long time.  It certainly helps me get through these days of making do or doing without.

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  1. Sometimes I'm really grateful for the "making do" days, but I also really look forward to when they will be the "remember when" days.