Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Operation Diversion: Kitchen Appliances

I had a crappy day and at the end of it, I wanted to escape.  So, I found something to research.  When I research, I have to share it with you, my unsuspecting readers.  Love ya'!  :)

Today, I want to talk about kitchen appliances.  
Specifically, the cooking appliances.  
More specifically, burners, ovens and microwaves.

The number one thing for me to consider, which is probably near the last on other people's lists, is the finish on said appliances.  I am a poor housekeeper--everyone knows this.  Therefore, consideration number one is how to get around using stainless in my kitchen.  

I know, I know, everyone has a trick to keeping the fingerprints at bay, but there is no way I'm going to wax my fridge or worry about regular buffing.  I want to wash it with 409 and go away, with ne'r a backward glance.

That leaves black, white or almond.  The kitchen I'm building in my mind is warm, with a lot of natural light, but darker finishes.  I think white appliances would be be too pronounced.  Almond might be alright, but it isn't a popular color right now so selection is thin.  I'm pretty sure I've settled on black.  Opinions?

Now, please don't mistake my posting this picture for my loving the kitchen.  I don't.  This is just to show black appliances in a warm-toned kitchen. 

Next up in the narrowing process?
Must have:  2 ovens and a microwave.
Would really like:  5+ burners.

Option 1:  36" Range, Single Wall Oven, Separate Microwave
Range = $2,000
Single Wall Oven = $1,000

Why two ovens?  Well, I bake a lot.  They really would be put to good use.

Option 2:  30" Range, Single Wall Oven, Separate Microwave
Range = $500
Single Wall Oven = $1,000

I feel I must explain why I want 5 burners.  It is not because I would generally use all of the burners at once, but because the burners are too close.  For example, if I have a big stock pot on the front element, the back element becomes unusable.  If I have two large pots, say sauce in one and noodles in the other, I can only use two of my four elements.  So, though I know there are 30" ranges with 5 elements, squishing one more element onto an already full stove top does not solve my problem.  Savvy?  

How often does this happen?  Not every day.  

Option 3: Range, Single Wall Oven + Microwave Combo

Range = $2,000
Microwave + Oven Combo = $2,000
The price of these kinds of microwaves begs the question:  How much do I use the microwave?
Let's see, I use it every day, but I use it to melt butter and heat hot cocoa.  It does no heavy lifting so a simple $100 microwave is fully sufficient for my needs.  And I already own one.  Okay, next.

Option 4:  Cooktop, Double Ovens, Separate Microwave.

Cooktop = $1,000
Double Ovens = $1,500
If I went with a cooktop that is not hooked to a range, I would definitely go with the 36".  The price between the two sizes is negligible. 

Totals.  I'm using very round numbers here for convenience.  On the options where we have a separate microwave, I didn't include any price for the microwave (we have one that works fine right now) or the shelving it would require.  There would be a cost there.  Of course, price isn't the only consideration, but it is one!

Option 1 = $3,000
Option 2 = $1,500
Option 3 = $4,000 (or $2,500 if with a 30" range)
Option 4 = $2,500

Opine, my dears.  What have you to say?

By the way, yes, I will be bringing this with me when I am officially oven shopping!  If it doesn't fit, deal's off.


  1. I would caution against black appliances if your kitchen will be a fairly sunny room. I like the look of black appliances, and was happy to see some when we moved into our current house. Now I HATE them. When the late afternoon sun streams into my kitchen, it looks like I never, ever clean. The sun makes the black show every streak from cleaning, and the dust!!! I find myself dusting my stove top and oven door nearly every day because the sun shows that it's covered in dust and cat hair. Just like a white car shows the dirt less than a black one, the same apparently goes for appliances.

  2. I choose option 4! I love that option and may just use it whenever we remodel our kitchen.

    I hope you have a wonderful day today:)

  3. Crap. Really Brandi? My kitchen windows will face north, so no direct sunlight. Do you think it will still show the dirt?

  4. Emily, black is classic. I've built two houses, one just two years ago. I did option #4 and Love it. When it comes to dishwasher time, I recommend a Bosch. And I have a sink that I believe fits your Fav cookie's made by Blanco and it is Awesome!!- - k jamison

  5. Having 2 ovens would be awesome. I'd go with option 4 as well! I have only had white appliances, so no advice on stainless or black....good luck.

  6. I have a stainless refrigerator & white oven, microwave, & dishwasher. We are gradually waiting for the Sears outlet to have the right appliances & upgrading to all stainless. Our refrigerator is by Samsung & does not show very many fingerprints at all. Maybe it's the brushed stainless?... I wipe it once a week & the cleaners wipe it twice a month .... really lower maintenance than I expected.

    I am considering a double oven in a free-standing range. I want the one with two equally-sized ovens - I think it's crazy to think about putting the turkey in the lower oven near the floor. If we were planning again, I think it would be nice to have the built-in double oven.

    We have a nice microwave that I'm reluctant to give up. It cooks potatoes & popcorn with a sensor, defrosts meat to perfection, and reheats food until just hot. I don't understand - it's just magic.

  7. @Mothership
    My kitchen windows face West. I'm not sure how it would be with North facing--probably not so bad.

    I do have a stainless refrigerator, and it really isn't so bad. I wipe the handle every evening because the prints are obvious there, but I only wipe the doors maybe once or twice a month (I use a spray made for stainless by Weiman and it's great.)