Monday, March 26, 2012

Pen Pals

My kindergartner has a friend who was our neighbor at our old house.  Both of our families moved at about the same time.  She talks about this little boy all of the time and misses him very much.  She finally decided to do something about it; she wrote him a letter.  I didn't copy that one, but repented quickly when, a few days ago, I got the reply.  (Written as dictated to his mother.)

It absolutely made my her day!  She made me sit right down so she could dictate her reply.  (Yes, I write crooked.  She spoke so fast that it was all I could do to keep up!)

There you go.  A little gift for you, my beloved readers.  I hope you enjoyed the letters as much as I did!

Yours Truly,

The MotherShip


  1. We've had the same little thing going on with my Brody and a little girl friend in Utah. So sweet. I love the funny things they say. My life is going to go on and on and on...until I die. Ha!

  2. Very cute! You'll be glad you saved them. Good thing it's anonymous, your daughter might be horrified later!:)

  3. I am SO glad you posted these! Shay suggested I do the same thing. I just didn't get to it. The good news is I have the first letter your little sweetie sent. I'll email you a copy. :) I love love love to see my boy's reaction when he gets the letters. He gets so excited! (He followed up his excitement with a lot of tears after the first letter because he misses all of his friends and family so much.) Letter number 2 will be on it's way shortly. He's already told me some of the things he wants to write. :)

  4. Oh, that is priceless. How darling. Don't you just love how open and sincere children are. Love it!

  5. Congratulations on EVERYTHING!! These letters, the gardening job, the idyllic life, your "tin can".......all of it!!

    You guys are WONDERFUL.

  6. What a sweet, special friendship!

    I have to admit I was a bit in awe at first glance when I thought your kindergartener wrote that- I was thinking, wow, my first grader doesn't write that good. I'm glad to know that you did the writing- I feel much better.

  7. Such sweetness - I will find you when I can get married. :) Love it!