Thursday, March 29, 2012

Temple Trip

On our upcoming trip, we will be passing by several LDS temples.  Sometimes it will be a deliberate drive-by, sometimes we'll actually stop and wander around and sometimes we'll see it just because it is by the freeway.  Because temples are very important to Justin and I, we would be remiss if we didn't do everything we could to pass along that love to our children.  This is a unique opportunity to see so many temples.  To help make the point and to help their minds preserve the memory, I made up a chart of the temples on our journey.  (I'm putting together a traveling booklet for each child and this will be included in that.)
So, while the big star in the middle of our trip is Disneyland, I hope that these twenty diamonds will show our children that family fun is important because we are eternal.


  1. You're hitting all of California North-to-South (or South-to-North).....that is going to be so wonderful seeing all of those temples!!

  2. @Abe Fox Yep, Abe. We are doing a giant loop--we wanted to include the Grand Canyon, but it will still be closed due to snow. :( Still will get to see a lot of our beautiful country!