Monday, April 30, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Waiting for Cinderella to start.  That is one good thing about my long commutes to pick up
Pod A:
I get to have a nice long date with one other pod.  
Good Monday Morning, friends!

This past weekend was filled, but fun.  Thursday night, I got my husband and son packed and sent off.  They are spending one week in our old town while Justin completes Board Review and submits a lot of carefully prepared paperwork in anticipation of Saturday's graduation.  Moving this small army is an undertaking, to say the least, but it did help to get the boys done and out of the way.

Friday night we had a preparedness fair at the church.  I presented some things about my Pint Size Emergency Kit.  I've never blogged about that, but I really should.  It would be useful to a lot of families with small children and small budgets.

Saturday's main focus was a Primary Activity.  The theme for the year is Choose the Right (CTR).  We decided to have a Spotlight kid each week, but instead of just spotlighting them, we are making them CTR Spies.  After they are spotlighted, they are to "spy" out someone choosing the right and report it to the primary the next week.  It has been a completely rewarding experience.  There is so much bad in the world that we feel it is important to focus on the good.  Our bulletin board has pictures of all of our CTR Spies with a note describing all of the good they see around them.

So on Saturday, we had CTR Spy Agent Training.  We had several stations that taught gospel principles, but in a fun way--ways that would be inappropriate during Sunday meetings.  We had a scripture station (holding to the "Iron Rod" rope in the darkness leading to the lighted picture of Christ), taking care of our bodies (obstacle course complete with tire jumping and army crawl), honesty--or the Web of Lies (yarn-laser course wherein the entire Young Women's Room was a labyrinth of yarn Thanks for the idea, Bets!), and so forth.

My station was a prayer treasure hunt.  The idea was that we are given direction (from parents, teachers, prophets, scriptures) but they aren't always complete.  We need revelation (clues) from the Holy Ghost to solve our problems.  All of the directions in our treasure hunt needed a clue (take out the red letters, read it backwards, etc).  The kids had a completely fabulous time . . . heck, I had a completely fabulous time!  One of the best compliments I received came from a freckled six year old. When she saw that my station was next on her rotation, she smiled and said, "Oh, GOOD!  I like her!  Sister Sanders is always fun!"  :)

Sunday came and it was my turn to present Sharing Time.  That does require a bit of prayer, preparation, and prayer.  I want the Spirit to be there and I want the children to learn something.  We have 70-90 children ranging in age from 3-11 so you can imagine that it is a challenge to prepare lessons that will engage them all.  But it went off.

My favorite part of church was when a four year old was giving a talk.  He was listing good things that Jesus did.  His mother was whispering in his ear and he was doing well with speaking into the microphone.  Then he misheard the word "healed" because what he said was, "And Jesus Killed the sick."
  Hmm, not quite!  Primary is never a dull place!

Now it is Monday and I can fully focus on the celebratory vacation that is rapidly approaching.


To be continued . . . . . . . .

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