Sunday, April 8, 2012

How Many People Does it Take . . .

My church has produced a number of short but very effective and accurate Biblical videos.  For our Easter lesson in Primary, I wanted to show them to the children.  (I knew they would be hopped up*Ha! on the sugar they had had for breakfast.  I thought sitting in a quiet, dark room with these reverent movies would do better at keeping them calm than any lesson I could prepare.)  It should have been a one-man job.  It turned into something much more than that!

My husband's laptop isn't working, so Emily (me) asked Tami to download the videos onto her computer.  She was having trouble so she called Berenice to help.  I asked Eric where I could find the projector.  It wasn't where he thought it was, so we asked Dan.  Dan knew where it was, but didn't have a key.  I was referred to Jim, who did have the key.  Then, the portable screen wasn't in the library, so I asked Eric and Jacob if there was another place it might be.  We found it.  Meanwhile, Jim and Tami got the video set up and working.  After pushing Play, we realized the small speakers on the laptop were too quiet to fill the large Primary room.  Jen went into the hallway and caught her husband, John.  John hurried home to fetch his computer speakers.  After church, Hailey, Robbie and Justin helped me put everything away.

Good grief.  Justin's response after I gave him the above outline?  "Many people must have needed the blessing of service today."


But, you know what?  The children sat quietly so they could hear the videos.  I hope they felt a little bit of the Holy Spirit on this Easter Sunday.

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