Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here I am!  You thought I was missing, but I am not.  I am just super busy right now.  Some things to share:

Isaac with his (very tired so a bit spazy) sister and some of his
beautiful ballerinas.

  1. 1.  Our trip is officially on the 10 Day Forecast.  Barely, but it is there!!
  2. Today is my husband's last day of his internship.  Next week is board review.  Then he graduates.
  3. My son is home this week.  I feel emotionally stable when I can hear his breathing in the night.
  4. I am not usually emotionally stable.
  5. For the past month, my girls (kind of) and I have been working about 10 hours per week.  It is satisfying work because the gardens were terribly over-grown .  Neglected is not the right word because she has really been trying, but she didn't always know what to do.  After all of the pruning and clearing, the property looks like it is taking a much needed deep breath.
  6. My eight year old and I were able to see our boy dance in Cinderella last weekend.  It was magical--I mean, Disney is good, but you really should see the ballet.
  7. I have about ten important phone calls to make.  I don't want to make them.  I'd rather do anything else.
  8. It is raining and it is SO beautiful.
  9. I have allergies.  I've never had allergies before, but now I have allergies.  They are kicking my behind in a serious way.  My mouth itches, my nose is a constant faucet, my sinuses are swollen, and my eyes . . . well, itch isn't a strong enough word to describe what is going on there.  
  10. After 6 months of lessons, my daughter is learning actual pieces on the piano (this week is Moonlight Sonata) and it is so delightful to listen to her practice.
  11. My house is small.  I'm glad we've decided against the Katrina Cottage.  :)

Well, I'm off!  Phone calls to make, laundry to wash, menus to plan.  The life of the MotherShip is never dull!


  1. Umm.....that dude is just 13, right!?! Well, I really don't think he'll have any trouble finding a date when he turns 16.

  2. We are going to Disneyland the same time you are, I think... We'll be there the 6-12th, in the parks on T,W,F. If you're there those dates, I know we'll see each other. We are so excited we can hardly stand it. Tell me how to love yard work...I struggle.

  3. Have fun at Disneyland! I hope you have a grand and magical adventure.

    Allergies? Sorry. When mine are bad, I take Claritin (cheap Allerclear at Costco $7 for a million) with Singulair & Patanase. The allergist told me that I can take two Claritins if I'm really bad but I have never confirmed it with a real pharmacist. Oh, & when everything's really horrible, I drink hot water. It shrinks the swollen tissues for about half an hour of relief.

  4. Yeah for the 10 day forcast! Yeah for being done with internship and graduating! Yeah for having your son home! Yeah for helping a spot of earth take a much needed deep breath! Yeah for finally playing recognizable/real pieces on the piano! What an exciting time at your house!

    As for allergies- blechk! I have them to and I hate being so congested that when I walk up the stairs I get out of breath. I usually have much the same symptoms as you describe and I have a hard time taking many allergy medicines because they make me weird or drowzy, or have side effects worse than the allergies. One thing I have found that really helps is "Naphcon A" eye drops- they stop the itch and help with the sinuses, but don't have the side effects of some of the other medications.

    Jenna- I've never heard of drinking hot water for allergies, but it makes sense- I do it when I have a sore throat- same principle. I'll have to try that next time.