Sunday, April 15, 2012

Planning a Kitchen

I have avoided writing about my hopes for a Someday House Kitchen simply because there is too much to say.  I have some definite must-haves, some things I would like and some things I know I do not want.  I decided to sit down and really work out a few kinks.  (I thought planning a trip to Disneyland was overwhelming until I started looking into all of the kitchen advice available on the web!  Holy Schmokes.)
While I was checking out dry goods bins, I stumbled across this video.  It is a Step-Saving Kitchen developed by the housing staff at the Bureau of Nutrition and Home Economics which, as far as I can tell, is no longer with us.  This video was made in 1949 and I was surprised to see how many great ideas they had--especially because I cook in much the same way they did those many years ago.  I go through flour, potatoes, onions, salt and so forth.  I even have a phone on my kitchen wall--with a cord!

I may have to re-think all of my plans.

Well, at least add a garbage hatch to "eliminate stooping" while I'm peeling those pounds and pounds of potatoes and carrots!


  1. I love it. Modern updates would make this kitchen great.

  2. I love many of those ideas!!! They just don't build kitchens for cooking and cleaning anymore. When we were looking for a rental it was so depressing to find a home with three bedrooms (or even four) and such little kitchens. One place had barely enough space for a small two seater table. I kept wondering what you do with that many bedrooms and no kitchen. I guess I'll never know.

    My 6 year old enjoyed the video- not that she was actually watching but as she listened to the narration she commented, "That's a really nice kitchen!" Near the end when they were putting away dishes she said, "What a good idea!"

  3. Wow, this reminds me of my Aunt Iva's kitchen. She worked for the USDA at about this time period. I wonder if she was inspired to design her kitchen by this film?