Tuesday, May 22, 2012

THE Bridge

Yes, the Golden Gate Bridge.  

It was a bright, if somewhat foggy/smoggy day so we were able to see it well.

Odd fact:  The bridge is a toll bridge, but only when going south.  If you are headed north, as we were, you do not have to pay to drive across.

This bridge demands respect.  It has a majesty about it.

This is for Abraham and Alicia, both of whom will appreciate the photo.

We drove up to a viewpoint, then walked up another trail that took us to the highest point.  It was VERY windy (look at my earrings!) and exposed.

At the top, which is also a point that has a rather demanding view of the Pacific Ocean, was some WWII bunkerage.  It felt very X Files.

It was a little creepy, but was also reassuring to know that our coast was guarded.

They were building stations for some pretty massive guns.  They could shoot bullets? bombs? slugs? rockets? cannons? ammunition 26 miles out to sea.  That seems like a really long way.  When the war ended, they abandoned the projects.  The concrete and steel is still there.

I thought it looked like a fun place to have a dance.  

Man, we are checking off the national monuments!  

Golden Gate Bridge?  

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  1. You MUST be referring to the very same Alicia that came to a Star Trek party of mine (Justin was there of course) as teenagers!!

    (But Emily.....ummm....not to nitpick, but that thumb of yours needs to be extended to be truly showing the Vulcan sign......but don't worry, to my FOREVER shame, I made the same mistake in an actual senior photo of me dressed up as Spock....talk about embarrassing for all time)