Friday, May 4, 2012

The Grand Celebration: Day 1

 I aimed to get out of the house at 7 and made it out at 7:30.  I was happy with that.  There were a few minor "getting out of town" details to complete and then we were on the road.  It was a beautiful drive and we are all having a great time in our rental van--a charcoal gray 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.  My goodness, has minivan design come a long way in the last sixteen years!

Kind of a pretty pie, maybe the best part of the meal. 
We pulled into town 15 minutes late.  At least, 15 minutes late for being 15 minutes early.  I did get Justin to the awards dinner on time, but had to take all of the girls to the hotel, change my clothes, drop a key off with my son who was still at dance, and cruise back.  I got there late for dinner (which was mediocre), but just on time for the awards.

I have to say, it was much more emotional than I expected.  It took a lot of work to get here.

The surprise of the evening was when they called out my husband's name for an award.  His was the best Senior Seminar.  The preceptor said some wonderful things about his work.  One comment was that the physicians who attended (he presented to an audience at the hospital) said his was superior to more experienced physicians' presentations.  It was a great honor.

He was also recognized as having the second largest family.  (He was actually tied for the first largest family, but that information is somewhat unrecognized.)

Then he, all of his classmates and all pharmacists present, stood and took the Oath of a Pharmacist.  It was humbling for me to think of the potential for good and healing my husband now possesses.  People place a lot of trust in their pharmacists.

After the ceremony, there were several pieces of pie that had been pre-served just sitting on the tables.  We scooped 5 of them up and took them back to the kids who were waiting in the hotel.

Let's talk about this hotel for a minute.  I got it on Priceline and it was rated 2.5 stars--roughly equivalent to La Quinta or Ameritel Inns.  No Way!  It is the grossest hotel I think we've ever stayed in.  The sheets are itchy (though I did inspect and they appear clean, just poor quality and old), I won't let the children sit or lay on the carpet and there is no microwave AS WAS PROMISED.  Frozen burritos don't work out too well if they are still frozen.  They will be getting a super bad review all over the internet.

 But, we are a family again.  All of us are together, everyone is healthy and now, finally, at 11:15 pm, they are all peacefully sleeping.

My husband graduates from Pharmacy School tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  It is really unbelievable.

What a journey.

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  1. Congratulations! We are so proud of you & Justin for making it through this grueling program & time commitment.

    On hotels - we try to look up hotels on after finding the names. It seems that people give honest evaluations. I have a low tolerance for grime and stick to 3 stars unless there's an amazing review by everyone at tripadvisor.

    Happy adventure!!!