Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Last Day

Our last day was mostly driving.  We were supposed to see Mt. Hood, but it was shrouded in clouds.  In fact, it was the first day of our entire trip that rained.  I wanted to see the mountain, but driving through the forest in the rain is a nice drive, too.

Most of the drive was through dry terrain.  We saw a lot of these:

Oh, I forgot something.  The other children did buy a meal for the family, too.

This sister was so excited that she had enough money to buy burgers and apple pies for everyone!

I didn't take a picture of the 11 year old and wasn't going to take one of the 13 year old because it just wasn't as big of a deal for them.  After he was done ordering, however, he whined, "Where is the camera, Mom?  Aren't you going to take a picture of me??"

There you go, you big baby.  :)

The drive home was LONG.  We had been in small spaces and totally together for a long time.  Our driving games were worn out.  They had already watched the handful of movies we'd brought along.  There was nothing to anticipate and we had few rest stops.  

Driving into our area was a most blessed time.  We had covered rocky mountains, deserts, the ocean, big cities, caves, volcanic mountains, giant trees, and rolling farm land.  
Nothing compares to home.

Tossing the football and spreading out.

And best of all:
Our Puppy!

Vacations are wonderful, but there is nothing like coming home.

Thanks for coming along.

You may now exit our basement; the slideshow is over. 

Regular blogging will now commence.

We need to get our dancer to Summer Intensive on June 3rd or 4th.  If any of you are heading to Southeast Idaho or Utah and have an extra seat, could our son hitch a ride?  We would help with gas money.  He is great with kids and is used to being cramped.  It would make a huge difference for me and my backside!


  1. May I just say.....THANK YOU for taking us on your trip with you!! I grew up going to Disneyland pretty much as often as I wanted and didn't appreciate it until we were no longer living near there! It was such fun to see your updates and go along on a true family vacation! I am so glad you got to take this once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-forgotten trip with your family!! You deserve it!!

  2. It was a fun trip. But I was ready to get home to my Harry Potter stuff :)

  3. MEGA-CONGRATULATIONS on your safe arrival home and for completing such a MAGNIFICENT, Never-to-be-forgotten "Grand Celebration Tour" (I love naming trips, and I love the name you gave this trip!!)

    Thanks for providing this excellent service to those of us that couldn't fit in your van.